Public Policy


While Drug Policy Reforms will advance in a very slow move, major fissure is evident that the architecture if well crafted drug policy will be adapted. These recommendations should be undertaken to maintain the momentum and advance on reforms in the region (Mosher, Clayton and Scott, 2007).

The statute provides for specific policy as it covers only on drugs production, distribution and possession of the drugs. Limitations have also been specified to age, amount purchased and where to be used , that is not in public places. These laws are specific to citizens of Washington, and they are supposed to abide by them, (Colander & Kuper’s, 2014).

Advantages of the adopted policy is that drug networks are made known to the governmet and regulation on the use of these drugs is limited to the interest of the individual. This is made possible by the licences granted to producers who are restricted to a certain amount of production . This helps the government know the exact quantity produced, its distribution and how its consumed by its users.

This has promted to other states joining in the struggle to legalize the drug use. States like Uruguay and Bolivia are putting measures to help legalise this drugs and ensure laws are not broken. With the law enforcements, the police will be able to locate the law breakers and avoid violence and other crimes associated with consumption of these drugs, (Younger’s, 2013).

The drug policy has many advantages like prohibition of public use of these drugs. This is because public use will infringin other peoples rights, which is against principals of natural justice or rights accorded to every citizen. With these laws, there is limited public use of this drugs. This law promotes security and safety of the citizens, as public misuse of this drug might result to one’s arrest.

The government through legalising the drugs, has managed to earn extra income from this trade than when it was illegal. This has been considered effective as the governtment is keen on the collection of this taxes which helps fund some of the government projects.

The policy has tried to be effective because the government can control the chain of production, distribution and its use. With these regulations, individuals are held liable where they break the law. With this, abuse of the drug is limited because there is that amount that one is supposed to purchase. This helps the policy be effective as there is a limit of the intake that one takes, and the production is also limited. It is also considered effective because the drug users use the drug for relaxation. Thus, use of this in a limited way will not have any effect on the users.

The government has gone ahead to put stringent measures to any law breakers who do not adhere to the laws. Anyone found breking the law is punished according to the laws set up. This helps citizens and especially the drug users to abide by them and avoid being arrested. This has promoted safety as well to the public as users use the drugs responsibly.

However, the policy has some disadvantages. For instance, the law making process and other means used to ensure drug policy achieve its purpose and desired goal is long and tiresome. This as well makes the whole process very expensive and time consuming. This occurs when different stakeholders perceive information differently and want to ensure that their views are heard. Therefore, before coming into a consesus, there is a lot of arguments and disagreements before everyone is convincedas to the main purpose of the policy. This results to time wastage and use of more resources.

The citizens also makes the whole process very hard as they do not accommodate the drug policy very positively. The policy that legalizes the drugs and makes them available in the market makes it so easy for new people to purchase like any the other user. This might result to high population adapting to taking these drugs for fun and relaxation without knowing the dangers involved in taking these drugs. The young adults are also exposed to these drugs which make parents be against the drug policy, as they fear for the welfare of their children.


Meaningful Drug Policy Reforms will advance in a very slow move, however it is evident that the architecture if well crafted drug policy will be adapted. Although, there are major fissure because such a policy involves multi-actors who are the main stakeholders and have different ideologies. The main actors tend to perceive the information and the purpose of the policy diferently and this makes it hard to come to a consensus.

The only people who can help ensure that the policy is implemented are the evaluators. They help ask questions and provide answers that they come up in the best way possible. This helps make things easier as they will address all the questions raised by the stakeholders.

With the increasing demand for reform other states are adapting to more liberal procedures. Thus, efforts should be taken to advance debates on drug policies and reforms. They could do this by involving all the citizens through a referendum to approve or disapprove the new laws. There should also be clear laws on how to handle law breakers with regards to the policy rules and regulations. This will help avoid misuse and abuse of these drugs. Thus, with the above rules and flexibility of some laws, drug policy is possible and its implementation is very possible.


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