The Little Pink House



Government taking is a situation where a government takes private property for public utilization. In a situation where a government takes private property, that government should pay compensation to the former owner of the property that is equal to the value of that particular property taken. Government use, regulation or taking of private property is governed by rules set by the law firms. The rules aim at protecting individual holders from abuses by the government power to take property. In the Little Pink House, Sussete Kole house was taken away by the government. I am against it for reasons below: the owner can be relocated to an area that does not have resources as the former property. The owner will take time before adapting to the new environment she settles. Also, I oppose it because, during the valuation of the property, the value might be underestimated leading to under compensation thus losing the property’s value (Benedict, 2009, p.64).

Reasons why I oppose government taking

The first reason I oppose government taking is the relocation of the property owner to an area with different resources. According to the book, Kelo’s little pink house was relocated to a different hilltop that had a different water view. The former area where her little pink house was located had an entirely different water view from the new area. Also, her house was relocated to an area that had a hill different from her former area where the house was on a flat area. The government is taking private property forces the owner to move to new areas with different physical features and environmental resources. It is hard for the compensated owners to find a new area to settle that has similar resources with their former because each area has different physical features. Moreover, it has various resources like the case of Kole where she is relocated to a new area that is different from the former area where she used to stay (Benedict, 2009, pp.64-66).

The second reason I oppose government taking is because the relocated property owner takes time before adapting adequately in the new area. According to the book, Kole finds the area not secure as there were five strangers in black clothes who posed insecurity. It led to her receiving calls from the militia groups who wanted to offer her protection by guarding her house with guns. The Government is taking private property forces, people, to settle in areas that they are not entirely settled because the existing conditions are dangerous especially in security cases. The new conditions lead to that person taking long before settling and adapting to the new environment (Benedict, 2009, pp.67).

The Third reason I oppose this is an undervaluation of the former property leading to under compensation to the owner. In the book, Kole was relocated to a new area that did not match to her old area where her house was located. The little pink house was relocated to an area that was hilly and had a different water view implying that she did not get value for her former property. In many cases of compensation, the government does not give an amount that adequately compensates the owner (Benedict, 2009, pp.64-70).

Though I oppose government taking, I support it because one settles in a different area that has different geographical conditions. According to the book, Kole was relocated to an area that had a hill and a different water view. These different physical conditions were not present in her former area. From an active perception, these physical features are the beauty of the environment.


Private Property should not be taken for any public utilization by the government. Even if the former owner is compensated, relocation to a new area affects that person. It takes time before one adapts to that area and settles fully. The owner takes time before settling in the new area due to the different environmental conditions from the conditions in the former area. For instance, Kole is relocated to a new area with different water view and on a hilltop and the area was having insecurity issues thus this will take her time before she fully settles. In addition, the property owner spends a lot of time trying to defend the property she owns against the government taking it. For instance Kole, in the book Little Pink House spent almost ten years trying to defend against the taking of her property.




















































Benedict, J. (2009). Little pink house: a true story of defiance and courage. Grand Central Publishing.


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