Case Study: The VoIP Adoption at Butler University

Case Study: The VoIP Adoption at Butler University




Question 1

The decision that was made by Kincaid could have been right to given extent and it required harder work for it to be successful from the users or within the company. Outsourcing of different activities in different field is normally advantageous and as well they could be disadvantageous to some given extent (Stockley, 2013).

The idea of the school outsourcing their communication was a right decision. The decision was right when it is looked at in the context that, it helped to improve the communication services at the university as compared to the services that were available (Vaughan, 2014). The given service was more reliable than the one that was existing since it could allow many users to operate at given time. On the other side it reduced the expenses of the University of Cost of ownership and the day to day management and maintenance.

Every student was relieved from the pain of sharing numbers, but the PBX service allowed every student to own their numbers, the telecommunication services in the campus was improved due to better communication management services. Hence the campus was advancing in terms of their communication department.

Adopting the given system helped the company to achieve some given goals though with minimal increase in the cost. Hence, the campus could achieve their goal of communication because the system had the capability of improving the communication with the students and the student community plus the private mailboxes allotment (James, 2013).

Callers were handled to high volume calls within the campus and leverage newer services like multiline and self-labelling telephone devices and online directories and training on the given areas were improved. Handling of many calls was the goal of the campus which the new system managed to achieve (Vaughan, 2014).

Specific Butter personnel were now more easily accessed and it helped the company to be competitive with peer institutions in the level of services that they offered, mainly the form of services that had some impact on the students and their families. The decision of Kincaid to implement the given service was right since, he never just woke up and implemented the given services but several factors were brought into consideration and intense survey was done to determine the given positive and negative impact the implementation would bring to the campus (Vaughan, 2014).

They also brought into consideration the cost that could be required to implement the services and the cost that would be needed for maintenance of the services hence the given program had the highest possibility that it could not fail due to financial reasons since it was budgeted for (James, 2013).

Kincaid also brought into consideration the contract that was given by Butler they not only took their time in negotiating the price but they took their time to ensure that whatever the company promised was in the contract that they offered. This showed that the company would be held accountable for any form of misconduct of not achieving whatever they said in the contract. This hence helped the campus to achieve their expected quality of service from the communication company (Anonymous, n.d).

This project was systematically done hence it had all the reasons to be successful. Everyone in the university was informed of the expected changes that would occur in the communication sector, why they were doing the given changes and when they were expected to be complete. This helped in acceptance of the new system and for cooperation among the staff to accept the given changes as quick as they could (Vaughan, 2014).

This given decision was right because by July 1 the given system was live, All the Butlers phone numbers were migrated to Time Warner Telecom by SBC and all the calls were then rooted to the new system. The Centrex had to face a turn off. The calls were observed to go throughout the right places and the new software was in good position of managing the given calls. Hence e the planning testing and roll out achieved what it was expected to despite the few miss out that were witnessed like missing of a few lines and features (James, 2013).

In general, decision is normally right when it manages to achieve what it is expected to achieve with consideration ofall the challenges that have to be in place during the implementation of the new idea (Stockley, 2014). The new system manage to supress all the challenges that it under went and to be live by July 11. Kincaid idea hence was right since, despite all the challenges the system turned on live within the given time frame and managed to perform the duties as it was expected (Vaughan, 2014).

Question 2

I support the idea where Butler took the responsibility of managing the integrated voice and data networks given the current security threats to computer networks.

In my opinion every activity that one involves themselves in have got both their advantages and the disadvantages. What makes the difference in the given activity to succeed or fail is the strategies that are put in place for achieving what the given company requires.

The activity of Butler managing the integrated voice and data networks was well planned for from the beginning to the end. All the negative impact that the given system would bring into the campus were brought into consideration and solution of how they could be dealt with were put in place (Stockley, 2014).

Despite the computer network security threats, the idea of Butler managing the integratedvoice and data network came along with more advantage to the campus than the disadvantage. On one side, it helps Butler to significantly improve their communication services, from the new system, Butler managed to get a robust soft PBX capability which was based on series of integrated server which had some given form of link to PeopleSoft, network and LDAP

It help in improving the help that were required by the students and the outsiders, since the new system came along with six full featured call centres and when the different departments moved to different offices, they could only take with them the IPR, the directory of the campus phone numbers could be adequately be utilized by the staff and the faculty.

Hence the responsibility of Butler managing integrated voice and data networks, given the current security threats to computer networks was right because they managed to be successful at the end of the process. Butler had in place on how they could mitigate the security threats that were concerned with the computer networks as they had a full time member who was responsible for the system (LIopis, 2013).


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