Psy 12 Scenario 5

Scenario one

It is clear that Jeremy lacks clear decision-making skills as he does not want to face the reality in life. He doesn’t want people to feel that he is a weakling and prove to her parents and friends that he is strong. When he decides to buy a gun and revenge for the mistreatment he has been receiving shows that he does not understand the right approach to bullying. It should be understood that Jeremy is not a bad boy; however, the influence and lack of moral direction causes him to behave strangely. It is wrong for parents to force children to bully others to prove their strength. Dolgin (2011) advises that parents “should not trivialize the problems that teens’ face” (p231)

Scenario two

The feeling of rejection overwhelms Jeremy as his friends, teachers, and parents do not want to associate themselves with him. His parents sees him as a burden, his teachers do not want to allow him take part in school activities, and his father doesn’t have time for him. The feeling of rejection can cause an individual to be delinquent. Gale says that Jeremy parent should have encouraged him. Dolgin (2011) advises parents to tell their children, “The way we handle mistakes in our home is by facing up to them and dealing with them” (p231)
Scenario three

We can notice that Jeremy seeks an escape route to the ongoing, unpleasant, difficult, and painful experiences that he is facing. He does not have good friends to advise him nor parents to offer emotional guidance. When he buys the gun, he felt that it is the only solution to the problems of rejection. He does not have remorse for his actions because he feels that it is not his mistakes but the society, school, friends, and parents. Dolgin (2011) says that, “Children tend to feeling of alienation can lead to aggression and truancy” (p233)

Scenario four

Children run away to gain independence and power as the neglect makes them think that they can take care of themselves. Jeremy doesn’t understand why his parents do not prevent the bullies and muggers from attacking him. He felt that his parents do not care about him and should buy a gun to protect himself in streets. Lack of parental support, bad peer influence, and poor decision-making are the problems that Jeremy needs to deal with. Dolgin (2011) says that, “runaway kids ought to understand that wrong decision-making affects one’s life” (p 233). He will be imprisoned because he didn’t understand how to solve the problems he is having.

Scenario five

Peer pressure and bad influence from his friends in school have caused Jeremy to behave badly and end up killing. In spite of the fact that he says it was self-defense, we can notice that buying a gun for personal security is not a solution. Moreover, carrying and using a gun that was not licensed is a crime and not a solution. Jeremy should understand that one cannot solve a wrong with another wrong. Parental and teachers guidance is essential in avoiding such problems in society. In other words, he is seeking attention from his parents and the society. Dolgin (2011) Jeremy problem is “a cry for help and attention ” (p234). The parents and teachers should take part in the children’s development to avoid cases.


Dolgin, K. G. (2011). Adolescent, The: Development, Relationships, and Culture, 13th Edition. New York: Pearson.


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