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Abortion is undoubtedly one of the most controversial topics in the society. The abortion process refers to the process of terminating a pregnancy y before the birth of a child. The legality of the process differs in relation to the country where the process is being practiced. Some countries permit abortion while other countries have made the process illegal. Over the years, various debates have arisen over the best route to take in relation to the abortion process and the legal and ethical point it enjoys in society. The proponents of the process have been as many as the opponents leading to a debate that promises no end in sight. Some people argue that the question of whether to abort or not should be left to women since they are, after all, the carriers of the pregnancies and they are the ones who know just what it takes to carry a pregnancy for the whole nine months. The men however do not like to hear any of these arguments and they feel that they have as much right to deciding whether a pregnancy should be aborted or not since they contribute to the formation of the pregnancy in the first place. In as much as some people would love to dismiss the abortion process as a non-issue, the frequency with which abortion cases are reported in the country and around the world as well means that it is a major issue in the society. What then remains is looking at the ethicality of the process and whether abortion contradicts ethics. There are many angles to look at the ethicality of the process and the following paper adopts a Christian ethical perspective to show that abortion goes against the Christian ethical requirements.

Life begins at conception and a two-week old fetus is as much a human being as 40 year old. The debate of when life begins is again another controversial subject with some people believing that life begins at birth. According to Christian teachings however, life begins at conception as evidenced by God’s statement that he knows one even when he is at his mother’s womb (Moreland & Geisler, 2000). It means that by committing abortion, one goes against one of the Ten Commandments which forbid killing another person. Abortion is equivalent to murder and Christian teachings dictate that no one has the right over another person’s life. Life is a gift from God according to the Christian gospel and anyone that attempts to or takes another person’s life goes against the biblical teachings. Whereas some people may argue that it is not really murder since the fetus had not yet fully developed into a human being, the truth is that if the process had not been interrupted the fetus would have gone on top grow into an adult similar to the one conducting the abortion (Boonin, 2003). The abortion process thereby goes against the biblical teachings by breaking one of the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses. The fact that God saw it fit to include among the Ten Commandments the clause forbidding murder shows that he is the only one that has the right over someone’s life. It is God who decides when a person is to be born and it is he who should also decide when a person dies. Committing abortion is thereby equivalent to trying to undermine God’s authority by taking away his right over life and this is against the biblical teachings.

Children are gifts from God and they serve the role of flowers in the world to God and the angels watching from the heavens. When God created Adam and Eve, the main message that he gave the two was that they should go and fill the world. God thereby intended for people to have as many children as possible so as to fill the earth as he instructed Adam and Eve. It thereby goes against Christian teachings once people then start using abortion as a means of family planning. God did not intend for people to murder each other since that is what abortion is in order to survive on earth. God’s plan was instead to have people reproduce and fill the world and since he us the ultimate provider, the people would not lack in either food or drinks as he always watches over people. Family planning processes have however corrupted the minds of people and more people are engaging in abortion as a means of family planning. Engaging in abortion means that the people have little faith in God’s ability as the provider to his people. Abortion thus violates the main message that god gave to the first human beings on earth which means that practicing it is equivalent to disobeying the lord. Disobeying God is not the smartest thing that one can do and there are bound to be eternal consequences for this disobedience. The best thing for people to do in order to avoid facing these eternal consequences would be to obey God and not engage in abortion. The bible teaches children to obey they parents and since all human beings are the children of God, it would be wise for them to obey God as well in order to enjoy their life on earth.

Abortion encourages bad morals among people and this is against the Christian teachings according to the bible. One of the reasons that people abort is that they feel they are not ready to have a baby. One would then expect that the majority of these people are victims of sexual assault but the reality is the extreme opposite. These are people who engaged in sex willingly and knowingly who now do not want to face the consequences of their actions. Instead of doing the honorable thing and keeping the baby then raising it together as a family, these people choose to engage in abortion in order to avoid having a family together. It points to the flawed nature of the society and the immorality in the society. God did not intend for people to have multiple sexual partners and engage in sex before marriage. God wanted people to come together and marry each other then start having sex as a couple (Sean, 2003). The frequency in abortion is however evidence of the disobedience that people show towards god and their disregard for his teachings. Allowing and promoting abortion would thereby serve as encouragement towards people to engage in immoral practices such as sex before marriage which is against the biblical teachings. A good Christian is supposed to abstain from sex until the time when he or she finds a suitable partner and they declare and profess their live before both man and God. When one does this the chances of engaging in abortion are extremely rare since any pregnancy that comes after their marriage will not be an accident. Legalizing and promoting abortion would however serve as encouragement to young persons especially to engage in sex before marriage which is against God’s teachings and which also leads to immorality ion the society. The sensible thing is thus to discourage abortion in order to have people live according to the Christian and moral teachings of the bible.

The main excuse that proponents of abortion offer is that the process is essential due to its ability to save the lives of mothers put in danger by pregnancies. Terminating a pregnancy so as to save the life of a mother is often the comeback that most people provide when told of the cons of abortion and the need to discourage the process. The truth is however that only a few percentages of the people that engage in abortion are in a situation such as the one described. The majority of people who engage in abortion are actually in no danger at all as a result of their pregnancies but instead put themselves at risk by practicing abortion.  Additionally, God is a healer and a God of miracles hence no situation is too complex for him as long as one puts the necessary faith in him and his ability. Abortion should thereby be avoided and discouraged at all costs since it pits people against God by violating the Christian teachings according to the bible. A Christian ethical perspective on abortion thus reveals that abortion violates the teachings of the bible and people should avoid engaging in the practice so as to live according to the requirements of a Christian.


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