Ethics in nursing

Ethics in nursing





Ethics in nursing

At any point in the life of a human being, illness is inevitable. During such moments, care is necessary. Good care gives life its quality and significance. The nurse therefore has an obligation to make the patient feel his/her concern, compassion and empathy. This paper shall discuss the professional obligations of nurses and how best they can give care at the same time remaining ethical.

In principle, nurses are involved in the follow up of treatment procedures of their patients. Before any treatment is carried out, some tests or exams are done. In doing such tests and exams, some ethical practices have to be considered (Lachman 2012). Lachman further puts forward that for a nurse to deliver his/her best, at the same time remaining ethical, he/she should be attentive, responsible, competent and responsive to the needs of the care receiver.

An attentive nurse is able to detect the needs of the patient, takes a receptive position and respects the patient. Failure to this, the patient may not experience any care since the nurse’s concern towards the patient may be irrelevant to the needs.

Responsibility is also a vital ethical practice that nurses must practice. A responsible nurse, according to code of ethics for nurses (ANA, 2001) sees no ambiguity in being in charge of another person’s welfare. Every nurse, therefore, is expected to be responsible so as to give the best to their patients.

Nurses are faced with situations where they are constantly required to make decisions. For them to make ethical decisions, they have to apply certain tools; they must consider the needs of the patient first for instance, the decision should not inflict any pain, should be considerate and unbiased. As such a delicate balancing act must be put into play.


Lachman, D. (2012). Ethics, Law and policy. Applying the ethics of care to your nursing practice. Retrieved on April 23rd 2015 from


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