Three important means of healing





Three important means of healing






Three important means of healing

Ensuring humanity is necessary for the healing. Both the poem and the story emphasize the role of humanity in healing. In the poem ‘What the Doctor Said,’ the doctor is emotionally detached from his patient (Carver, 2008). The doctor, therefore, ends up uttering things that he should not. Such comments as “he said it looks bad in fact real bad, he said I counted thirty-two of them on one lung before”, imply that the emotional distancing of the doctor from the patient. Such emotional distancing makes it difficult for the doctor to deal with his client properly and ends up using oblique means to communicate to the persona.

Humanity as a possible means of healing is evident in the story ‘From the heart’. The author accounts for the drawbacks of lack of humanity, which is detrimental to the wellbeing of the inner person. For instance, in the story ‘From the Heart’, lack of humanity makes LaVera numb, lonely and depressed. Such effects of inhumanity imply that the author is not emotionally well and requires healing. She also reiterates that inhumanity makes her weak. Humanity is, therefore, a crucial means of healing a person emotionally.

Understanding is essential in the internalization of information in a person. Understanding of a complex or situation is emotionally important to a person. It helps an individual find rest and in self-awareness. Self-awareness is vital to psychological well-being for an individual. In the poem “What the doctor said,” we find that the persona is relieved once he understands his condition. The patient appreciates the doctor despite the implication of the results as given by the doctor. At the end of the poem, the patient appears more psychologically healthy and even pities the doctor for lack of self-awareness that makes him interact poorly with the surrounding. Moreover, in line eleven in the poem ‘What the doctor said’, understanding is depicted to be crucial in healing of a person’s soul.

The story ‘From the Heart’ further acknowledges the role of self-awareness in healing a person in the last paragraph. Self-awareness helps an individual to internalize and cultivate the heart for meaning. Such internalization of the environment helps in obtaining values crucial to an individual’s fulfillment. Consequently, the satisfaction helps the person to connect intimately to life. The author accounts for the culture as advocating for pretense among people. Such masking of oneself causes grieve to a person. Self-awareness allows fulfillment from such masking in life.

The last means of healing evident in the emotional contentment. Emotional stability is crucial to the wellbeing of a person. For instance, in the story ‘From the Heart’, LaVera, a character in the story, complains about the lack of attendance of one of their colleagues’ burial. The complaint indicates that the LaVera was emotionally ailing since she was not contented with the manner of dealing with classmate’s death. The lack of the emotional contentment recurs afterward in the course of her study in which she is perturbed by the issue despite the mask of pretense that she wears. In the poem ‘What the Doctor said’, the patient and the doctor reveal the effect of emotional ill-being (Carver, 2008). The results of the patient’s condition disturb them making them confused and perturbed. Therefore, emotional contentment is crucial to the healing of a person.


Carver, R. (2008). What the doctor said. Academic Medicine83(4), 420.


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