Bible Questions

Acts 2

Does it mean salvation is for everybody who repent and get baptized and that this people can steal speak in tongues just the way the Apostles did during the time of peter?

Read each passage and then make one Observation Question Implication on the main point that you take away from the following chapters in the book of Acts.

  1. Acts 3

Are the Christian preachers of today anointed by God just like John and peter were? Do real miracles exist today just like the time of John and peter when God used them to heal a lame man?

  1. Acts 4

How much do Christian’s radiate the boldness of Christ at their times of difficulties and challenges, just like john and peter did when they were arrested?

  1. Acts 7

Us Christian’s, can we take the example of Stephen and become Martyrs?

  1. Acts 10

Are the visions Christians see today guided by the Holy Spirit just like that of Cornelius and Peter?

  1. Acts 12

Does the church of today continuously pray for those in problems, with greater believe in the bible that all will be well just like the church did when peter was arrested? Do we care for our fellow Christian’s freedom from the bondage of the devil?

  1. Acts 15

Do Christian’s know the rightful requirement for salvation?

  1. Acts 27

As Christian’s, do we obey the warnings from the anointed men of God about dangerous trips and actions?

  1. Acts 28

Paul is a good example of Christian’s who survived vipers bite, and continued to heal people and to preach the word of God for more people to believe the gospel, us Christian’s, what challenges do we face that makes us not to be like Paul?


New King James (2014). The Bible


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