Is John copying from the Isis religion?

According to the bible’s New Testament, Jesus is brought out as a spiritual figure who was born into the world by a Virgin woman. But according to other religions, he is portrayed as a myth. John follows the gospel of God as well as preaches about Jesus according to the history he found and believed in because according to the Egyptians, Horus was the first god of the Egyptians. This brings up the argument of what religion copied the other. Considering the fact that God created the world as well as all the life in it, it is therefore logical to say that John did not copy the Isis as he was following Christianity which was brought about by the Lord who is the father to Jesus.

Is Isis religion copying from the book of Exodus?

Christianity happens to be the first religion as it followed the teachings of God. This would show that all the other religions followed after and hence copied and altered the teaching as they are written in the bible. I would therefore say that the Isis copy the book of Exodus. This because He created everything in the world so His gospel was the first one.

Is John simply stating what Jesus said about Himself or making it up?

No. this is because in the New Testament there were witnesses to the accounts recorded. So everything written was seen by others and hence whatever John said about Jesus was witnessed by others who also collaborated his stories about Jesus.




Is Jesus, God incarnate, called “I AM”, who was recorded in the book of Exodus speaking to Moses?

No. Jesus first appeared in the New Testament of which Moses was long out of the picture. Moses was in the Old Testament. The one that Moses talked to was in the fire at the burning bush who gave him the name “I AM” which means that was God and not Jesus.

Did the Jews think that is what He was claiming?

After the birth of Jesus Christ, the Jews and all the rest already knew that Jesus was the son of God born of the Holy Spirit and that he was not God Himself. So when He said “I AM” the Jews knew He was not trying to claim that he was God.


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