1. Apostle Paul and Peter had great love for their audience. The question is why were the two apostles so compassionate and caring to their readers some of whom they had not met.
  2. What were the challenges faced by the two apostles in their quest to pass the message to their readers?
  3. What is the spiritual relation between the two apostles? They performed the same duties under the influence of the Holy Spirit therefore there should be a connection.
  4. What wisdom did the preachers use preachers use in solving problems that were faced by their readers? In most instances they were able to help their readers solve their problems by reading the epistles.
  5. Were some of the churches they were writing to were resistant? A good example it the letter written by Paul to the Galatians where he asks them whether they are bewitched.
  6. Reflecting on the letters and epistles one tends to question themselves how this two great men managed to pass their agenda to their readers and people the preached to.
  7. What were their leadership qualities that the two apostles had? They managed to lead their generations well leaving marks of qualities on the gospel.
  8. What is the significance of the apostles to today generation? The bible was written many years ago but their content has affected the current generation.
  9. Paul was a very bad sinner as recorded in his first letter to Paul. His name was changed from soul to Paul after he was transformed. Many readers will want to know how he managed to be transformed.

The two managed to pursue their readers to change their ways. This is not a simple task therefore many people will tend to ask themselves what influence they had on their readers and how they managed to pursue them.


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