Main Issues in Churches Addressed By Paul and Peter

The central theme that Paul addressed in his letter to the Corinthians was about immorality that stemmed from the adoption of the paganism of Corinthians. Paul wrote concerning it because this sin began getting its way into the Corinthian church. The letter to the church of Ephesus stressed to the Ephesians that God planned for salvation from eternity to show his glory through grace. He reminded them of the great blessings that are in Christ Jesus for those who believe. The other issue that he addressed is racial or tribal discrimination and living as a child of God. Paul reminded them that there was no Jew or Gentile in Jesus Christ. For all are the same in Christ.

Paul’s letter to the Galatians addressed the controversy among the Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians on circumcision as was in Mosaic Law. The Christians from Judaism wanted Gentile Christians to undergo circumcision as a requirement of the Law of Moses. Paul clarifies that the work of the law was to lead us to Christ, so that the grace might save us. Therefore, no one would be protected by the law. The other letter to the Colossians stressed to them that Christ Jesus was the all- sufficient solution to their heresy.

The church faced the danger of falling to paganism’s immorality, being swayed by men’s philosophies, the Judaism ceremonies and asceticism. To the church of Philippians, Paul wrote them concerning the joy and sufferings he underwent with fellow workers of Christ. He expressed gratitude for the gifts he received from them and warned them against ‘dogs’ who taught Gentiles circumcision. The book of Romans shows the origin of sin and how God planned salvation from sin through Jesus Christ’s death.

Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians exhorted them on their fidelity to the gospel (Houghton). Finally, Paul’s letters to Philemon and Timothy appealed to them to church leaders on how to lead churches entrusted them by God.

Peter addressed his letters to a mature church on living a life that qualifies for the call of salvation. He sternly warns against false teachers and prophets as he called for all to be ready all time for the day of the Lord.

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