OQI Acts

Acts 9: 1-22

Observation: Saul was on his normal practice of waylaying and killing followers of Jesus Christ on their way to Damascus. Jesus met him on his way by blocking his donkey and then asked why he was killing his followers. God however did not kill him but saved him and chose him to spread good news.

Question: “What are the details of Saul’s conversion?”

Implication: After meeting Jesus Christ on his way to Damascus, he turned blind and then was returned to his house. From God sent Ananias to go and heal him. A fish shell felt off his eyes and he was able to see again. That is when Saul realized that he was fighting a powerful Good. He repented his sins and was baptized to be called Paul. He started preaching God’s gospel all over the world and he remained faithful until he died.

Acts 8: 1-4

Observation: Saul went from house to house dragging believers of God except for the apostles. He was throwing them into the jail both men and women and he had no mercy for them at all. He turned out to be very hostile and did not want anything to do with God

Question: What are the details of Saul’s conversion?”

Implication: by this time Saul was still an enemy to God’s believers and he did not even want to know who god was. He vowed to destroy each and every one of the believers because the thought they were just confused and did not anything they were doing. Many of the believers scattered around Jerusalem as most of the escaped from being persecuted by Saul.


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