OQI\Observation question and implication

Jesus did not seek honor from people (chap 1:44,25,) Why was he humble Chap1:45, he avoided the towns(had many people) but people followed him anyway
Christ ministers to his disciples about the kingdom of God in parables(chap 4:10 ) Why did he use parables? So that he may pass the message more clearly to those that could not understand
The unity with which evil spirits have in the man possessed by the same and their fear of Jesus(chap 5:12) Who is greater, the evil spirit or Christ himself That Jesus is more powerful than the evil spirits and that they act by his permission
The Pharisees would rather obey the teachings made by man than follow the teachings of Jesus. (chap 7:5) What makes one unclean? What makes one unclean is what comes out of his heart not what gets into his stomach
Jesus asks for blessings from God for the fish and bread before giving it out to the crowds to eat.(chap 8:7) Why did he ask for blessings while he was Christ? The power of God in blessing our food is far beyond the means. Man cannot live by bread only.
Jesus takes three of his disciples, Peter, James and John up the mountain (chap9:2) Why only these three disciples? Probably because they were more filled with grace and passion for Christ than the rest and hence chosen to witness his transfiguration (his glory).
Jesus talks of institution of marriage as one that began at the beginning(in creation) (chap 10:2) What did Jesus teach about divorce? Only by unfaithfulness should a man divorce his wife not by what Moses taught
Jesus sends his disciples to take a donkey that was tied in the next village, and the owner obliges without hesitation(mark 11:2) Why did the owner agree without hesitation? How did Jesus know of the donkey? The event reflects the sovereignty of Jesus to use anything for his service when he needed it.
A poor widow gives two coins as offering, and Jesus regards her as the one who has put in more than the other rich men(chap 12:41) Why did Jesus regard the offering of the poor widow more than that of the rich who gave in plenty? In all acts of charity, God looks at the heart of the giver, not the quantity given.
Jesus tells his disciples of the suffering they will undergo while preaching the Gospel(chap 13:11) Why should the disciples not worry? The Holy Spirit will fight for them

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