Questions and Implication from the Book of Revelation

  1. The book of revelation talks about rupture, an event. Through the many things that happen nowadays in the church, can we be justified to say that the church has already ruptured or when is will the rupture come and where?
  2. Revelation also gives the message of Christ which say’s “my kingdom is not of this world, but the Kingdom of God is within you”(Revelation, 21:14). It also says that the way that leads to life is straight and narrow. This makes me ask where are we now, and if there is a way to life, what is this thing that we call life in this world?
  3. In chapter fourteen, the scripture says that that if we love God, obey his commandments and whatever we ask in his name, he shall do. People die while some are still asking him to let them overcome death, other get sick while still asking him to take away their cup of sickness in vain, who then obeys his commandments and asks in his name? This could then be a call to radical discipleship of living holy and faithful lives.
  4. John preached to the seven churches in Asia and told them “Grace be with you” (Revelation, 1:4). Where they really churches or symbolic terms and if they were churches
  5. What does revelation mean by the three woes of revelation? According to the book, the tree woes signify great anguish that is said to come to those who pledge their allegiance to the antichrist during the end times. We often hear of the antichrist as a person who lives amongst the Christians and one who has mass followers, does it mean that the end of time is already here. This could imply that there is a binding link between true believers who serve God and demons who fight God (Mulholland, 1990).
  6. What do we mean by seeing the face of God (Revelation, 22.2), does it imply that no man can see God in this world and live? The verse could be directed to the believers meaning that after the tribulations of life, man can still experience God’s fulfillment (Mulholland, 1990).
  7. It is said in the book that God would not leave people comfortless and that he would come to them even in the spirit of truth (Mulholland, 1990). Does that mean that people do not realize the spirit of truth? This could imply that the victory of Christians is through Christ even when they are suffering or in death.
  8. What does rupture and second coming in revelation imply? According to revelation (6.8) second coming will occur after several tribulations in humanity and will be visible to all while rupture can take place anytime.
  9. What does the book imply by the battle of Armageddon? This is stated in Revelation (16:16) and it refers to the gathering of all nations to fight against Christ which is already happening through people who fight Christian churches.
  10. Who is the book of revelation dedicated to? Since it calls for the repentance and salvation of people until God’s coming, the book is written and dedicated to all people.


Mulholland, M R. Revelation: Holy Living in an Unholy World. Grand Rapids, Mich: F. Asbury Press, 1990. Print.

The English Standard Version Bible:  The book Of Revelation. Containing the Old and New Testaments with Apocrypha.  Oxford:  Oxford UP, 2009.  Print.


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