Chapter 5

Observation: Jesus himself went to john the Baptist to be baptized and the spirit of the lord felt upon john the Baptist, the doors of the heaven opened and God spoke confirming Jesus as his son.

Question: what is the reason as to why Jesus wanted to have himself baptized?

Implication: this was the only way Jesus was going to convince the stubborn human kind that all of them had sinned before God and was unrighteous. He did this to show by an example so that human kind could emulate him and seek for forgiveness through repentance and to born again through baptism

Chapter 6

Observation: Holy Spirit descended onto Jesus and he started preaching to his followers teaching them about beatitudes and woes.

Question: who would see the God according to Jesus in the sermon on the mountain?

Implication: Jesus said that happy are those who are pure in heart for theirs is the kingdom of God. From this statement the people who would see god were the ones who had pure hearts and were righteous before the Lord.

Chapter 7

Observation: Jesus then finished off his teachings by telling his followers that they were a chosen generation because son of man had to die for them to be saved of their sins.

Question: Jesus said you are……………………………..? In the sermon of the mountain

Implication: he said that you are a chosen generation because it was during the time they were alive is when God sent him to come and save the whole world from their sins. They were so many generations that had passed before them and others were to follow but they would not see Jesus as they did.


The bible


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