Philosophy in America

I support the idea that philosophy should be taught in American schools in order to make the society more aware of the importance of philosophy. The USA does not get its lion’s share of philosophy as it should be having owing to the fact that most of the things that he society in America does is directed towards making life harder for philosophers in the country. It is not that the US does not have philosophers but the fact that the American society does not believe in them means that they end up not being recognized in the international arena. This means that a change of mind is important in order to make sure that the current situation is dealt with in a good way is by teaching philosophy in schools. This means that the students will grow knowing that philosophy is one of the most important intellectual genres and the society has a role to play in making sure that people appreciate it.

The American society is different from that found in other nations especially across the Atlantic such as England and Germany. These societies respect philosophers to an extent that they are able to conduct and develop their researches as time moves on. This is because of the fact that their role is appreciated by most of the members of the society. The America society is very different in the sense that it does not tend to appreciate that their philosophers exist. This means that a change in the way that most of the members of the society think about philosophy is very important in order to make sure that the place of philosophers in the society is well reserved. This will mean that their work will be more pronounced and will be used to solve philosophical problems. This is exactly what other nations are doing in order to ensure that philosophy, which is one of the main disciplines that have withstood the test of time remain intact.

One of the things that are shows that Americans do not take philosophy seriously is the fact that no philosopher is given a chance to put a column on the daily newspapers. This means that even well-established newspapers such as The New York Times does not offer philosophers any time to put up posts that may enlighten people on a certain issue. This calls for something to be done in order to make sure that this one is stopped as one of the ways of dealing with the issue of philosophy being appreciated. The other thing about American way of doing things is that philosophers are not give the same chance as those who make publications in other disciplines.

This means that in the world of broader publishing that is literature art and culture, little references are made to the work of American philosophers. This is different when it comes to other countries such as England that have dedicated a lot of genres of art in making sure that the philosophers are well appreciated and their work is well referenced. Looking at the lives of Krishnananda, it is clear that philosophy cannot be withdrawn from life since the two are connected. This means that the main objective of philosophy is right living in the sense that one lives a life that is not in any way troubled. According to Krishnananda, “It was, I should say, by a flash that I came to the conclusion early in my life that human life is not complete with its observable activities and that there is something above human perception controlling and directing all that is visible. I may boldly say that I began to perceive the realities behind what we call life on earth. The unrest and feverish anxiety that characterize man’s ordinary existence here bespeak a higher goal that he has to reach one day or the other”. This means that philosophy is quite important in life just like any other important disciplines.

According to Plato Metaphysical theory, the grading system is the way that knowledge can be graded depending on the stage that a person is. He developed various grades of knowledge and opinion. These are imagination, belief, thought and understanding. Thought is what develops reasoning. Berkeley brought the idea of to be is to be perceived. This means that he was able to develop the concept of spirit and ideas. He argued that in contrast to ideas, a spirit cannot be perceived. He further went on to argue that the person’s spirit that perceives ideas can only be comprehended by the inward feeling, as well as, reflection. This is what he developed into a believe that there was an external spirit that is powerful and intelligent and is responsible for restoring order that we have today. This is the reason as to why he argues that, “It is plain that we cannot know the existence of other spirits otherwise than by their operations or the ideas by them excited in us“. This led to the identity of God according to Berkeley who later became a priest. He developed the idea that the spirit of most humans is developed by the spirit of God, which explains the reasons as to why we see every commodity to have different ideas.

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