Assignment 4 Discussion articles is about Patricia Banner i need only one page summary TITLE IS FROM NOVICE TO EXPERT;benner legagy for nurse education

According to Banner (2012), experience is a problem that prevents graduates from landing in their dream jobs. What experts learnt in class isn’t the same as what they practiced in their line of duty. The improved performance in the clinical field is not as a result of the formal education people acquired in the classrooms, but as a result of a lot of practice. Continual use of theories leads to poor performance.

Banner is famous for the model of skill acquisition in her book Novice to Experts. According to her excellent performance can be achieved through practice. This model, developed by Hubert and Stuart Dreyfus and Benner only used it for interpreting her research. In the book, What Computers Can’t Do by Dreyfus and Dreyfus published in 1972, is the origin of novice to expert. According to them computer can never be compared to human beings. Computers can be programmed to interpret certain information and decisions. It can however not improve its performance with time. In contrast to human beings as the more an individual works, the better he or she becomes in his or her practice.

Practicing a procedure for a long period makes it a part of you. More practice boosts your skills. An experienced nurse can easily identify a psychotic patient thanks to the knowledge and practice she has had. It is different with someone who has just been studied in such in the classroom. The most effective approach to better performance is through apprenticeship, the novice should observe and learn from the experts.


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