Concept Synthesis Paper On Personal Nursing Philosophy

Personal Philosophy

During my career in nursing. I define the four metaparadigms as the environment, wellbeing, sickness, and nursing. One’s surrounding is not singularly inward or outside. It is made out of both interior and outside variables. It is characterized as static or moving and the individual and environment work cooperatively to keep up nature. The individual has the decision to keep up the present environment or to make it diverse. The reason for nursing is not to cure, but rather to give back one to a steady, homeostatic state by changing outside variables (Dahnke & Dreher, 2011).

The World Health Organization characterizes wellbeing as “a condition of complete physical, mental, and social prosperity and not just the nonattendance of infection or sickness,ā€ I accept this is a decent meaning of wellbeing, be that as it may, I accept every part of wellbeing is not measured just as.

Individual logic backings hone in general by having a comprehension of what one accepts. Individual logic is exhibited inside of my nursing practice by applying mental wellbeing first (Dahnke & Dreher, 2011). As expressed already, I accept that mental prosperity is weighted heaviest of all parts. I likewise accept that mental prosperity and passionate prosperity are seen as the same. While my perspective of mental/passionate prosperity is most critical, environment is the metaperadigm that is most persuasive on the greater part of alternate metaparadigms. The control of the earth influences every other angle.

I believe that Songbird’s ecological hypothesis is the most essential hypothesis and states that the earth assumes a basic part in the wellbeing and prosperity of a man. The primary parts of the perfect environment are to contain immaculate air, water, ventilation, cleanliness, and light. Songbird accepted that the individual is in control of their wellbeing. The part of the attendant, as indicated by Nightingale, is to give a situation helpful for wellbeing, i.e. outside air, water, light, clean, warmth, and quietness (Kikuchi & Simmons, 1994). “The objective of nursing is to advance the reparative process by controlling the earth,”. Songbird accepted that the objective of nursing was to take the individual back to wellbeing by altering nature. Ventilation, warmth, light, eating regimen, cleanliness, and commotion were parts of the environment that had the capacity be controlled. I accept that keeping in mind the end goal to take the individual back to a homeostatic state nature should persistently be controlled (Kikuchi & Simmons, 1994).

I accept my ecological metaparadigm logic most looks like that of Neuman’s frameworks model. Neuman states “both inward and outer situations exist, and the individual keeps up differing degrees of concordance between them,ā€ Neuman’s model spotlights on nursing as a comprehensive methodology and I accept that interior and outside components assume a part in nature and the individual has a decision if the earth is kept up (Brencick & Webster, 2000).

To finish up the act of nursing is not simply watching over the debilitated or harmed. The earth assumes a crucial part in each of the four metaparadigms (environment, wellbeing, disease, and nursing). Little controls of the earth have any kind of effect and it is the decision of the patient to acknowledge or reject the progressions.


My name is Maritza Ruiz I was born in Puerto Rico and graduate there as an RN BSN MHS certified in substances abuse 2004, work for 14 years in Icu ER. In 2004 I have decided to move to Miami Florida, were I currently lived and work as an Emergency Psych Crisis unit RN for a Community Hospital. The course is going to be really important for my profession, because I will clarify my doubts and will help me to understand and make the use of the theories in nursing though out my career. Theories are the key for the nurse and NP practice. They will dictate how to interact with the family and patient to create a good relationship and outcome. Would love work in a place centralized in mental health condition. I have learned and also to treat my patients with dignity and love. I’m ready for this new challenge in my life a lot of expectations for this course Advance Theoretical Perspective for nursing. I have 2 son lives in Puerto Rico. I have travel for different country on cruise.Im ready to continue traveling to new places and learn about new cultures as soon as I finished my ARNP. My culture is coming from a diversity of people with unique features that distinguished from any other everywhere we go. I’m a Spanish and English speaking.


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