Discussion Question 1

Other than these broad concepts, the nursing concepts that apply to my personal nursing practices refer to knowledge and professional judgment in delivering a relevant communication to the patients. The concept of knowledge determines individual’s ability to display his or her professional skills with effectiveness and accuracy (Basford, & Slevin, 2003). Having this model is very significant to my profession as it propagates my confidence in handling various cases presented by the patients. For example, deep-knowledge anchored in academics and experiences has created confidence in me in making necessary recommendations to the patients. Thus, the patients’ treatment and care have greatly been enhanced through knowledge acquisition and experience. Indeed, this model remains a key requirement for the diverse needs of patients, whose conditions might be challenging, had it that one has little knowledge or exposure to various health conditions of patients. Communication and rational judgment is yet another model that has propelled me in achieving ostensibly results in service delivery to patients. Sometimes, the patients’ conditions may be delicate and only requires proper communication skills to deliver his case. Thus, being judgmental is a critical skill towards communicating important and delicate matters with the patients. These two skills have propelled me into becoming a good professional versed in critical communication skills.

Question 2

There are several ways that nursing theories have contributed to the nursing research, practice, management and administration of healthcare systems (Kim, & Kollak, 2006). Therefore, these theories are critical to determining how registered nurses and knowledge resources influence the quality of patients care in the contemporary healthcare systems. One such theory that is relevant to my field of profession refers to the Nursing intellectual capital theory, which conceptualizes the origin and the source of nursing knowledge inherent to an organization and critically delineates its relationships to the patient and the overall organization outcome (Masters, 2015). This theory has played significant roles in my practice and particularly towards the development and acquisition of my professional skills. Therefore, as a professional nurse, I have gained critical education, knowledge, and managerial skills required to impacts positively on the patient care and also improve the outcome-based delivery to my profession. Principally, this theory has contributed to my efficiency and competence in delivering quality healthcare services to patients, due to the deed knowledge and skills I have acquired.


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