“K2- Focus on providing our finding on the theorists’ view of the four basic metaparadigms.” In Butt and Rich, p. 90.

In this article, the authors offer a critical discussion on the concept of expert practice and the place of practice rules, procedures, and regulations or standards. Of particular significance, it is a core view of the article that expert practice is inherent way above expectations or dictates of the underlying theories on practice standards. This is clear in the assertion by the authors of this article that expert practitioners can rarely gives an accurate account of their practice in theory as such is observed in the actual practice. In line with this argument, the article attributes this ability to practice above standards to the character of being able to act with intuition and able to display common sense; a character that is inherent among humans. However, the authors are skeptical of the risk of securing quality practice without rules or standards of practice.

Overall, therefore, the information and argument in this article informs of the perspective that expert practice cannot be assumed in the absence of rules, regulations, and standards despite the fact that experts typically to act in a manner that defies rational explanation. Rather, expert practice is to be appreciated as the capability of practitioners to act beyond the provisions of any claimed standards. The implication here is that the practice of nursing should be informed by the dictates of practice standards as a minimum requirement for practices, as opposed to the ultimate measure of proficiency for nurses. With this in mind, nurses are to embrace the value inherent in acting on intuition and displaying common sense in their practice (Cowan et al., 2005). Simply put, calls for evidence-based practice should not be embraced at the undue expense of promoting the informed use of common sense in practice.


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