Nursing Research Theories

Nursing Research Theories

Middle range theories help researchers and nurses accomplish their goals in undertaking sound nursing research. The theory of interpersonal relations, developed by Hildegard Peplau, is a Middle range theory that I believe can be applied to research (Fawcett, 2012).

The theory claims that the affiliation between the nurse and the patients is the fundamental human contract that is important when providing nursing care. The method aimed at improving the patient-nurse relationship. The aim is achieved by the nurse understanding his or her personal behavior, assisting others identify their difficulties and applying the principles of human relations. The theory used a growth relationship with others example on women in labor. The assumptions in this theory are an emphasis on the personal growth of the nurse and creation of a useful interpersonal relationship linking the nurse and the patient.

The Peplau’s theory of interpersonal research is important in the foundation of nursing practice and scientific inquiry. The theory has been in utilized, in the past, as a framework for studying various research questions, employing both quantitative and qualitative methods. Despite that the theory was initially used to analyse the therapeutic relationship between psychiatric patients and nurses, it is currently used in research relationships with other populations (Tofthagen, Talseth, & Fagerström 2014). For example, the theory was used in qualitative research as a framework for studying nurse-patient relationships in male patients with Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Further, qualitative studies using the Peplau’s theory of interpersonal research focus on nursing practice and nursing education. The theory has been employed used as a framework for the development of middle range models and theories applicable to research. For example, it was utilized in the Mahoney & Engebretson (2000) on interphase of the nursing model and Anthropology. The theory would, therefore, be appropriately applied to nursing research, both qualitative and quantitative.


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