W2 assignment

The environment is described as the landscape and the overall geography of the social experience, and context of the human experience. It incorporates the variations in time, space or even quality. The geography given incorporates various aspects including the personal, social, national, global and the aspects beyond (Snowden, Donnell, & Duffy, 2014). Environments could also include an individual’s beliefs, morals, customs and their overall expectations. Thus, the environment is that energy field that enables a nursing client to get the required aesthetic beauty, threats to their wellness, caring relationships and their overall health experiences.

Thus, from the theorists’ view of environment, then there are four main metaparadigm that can be gained from it. The first one is the person component that mainly considers the individual receiving care. Such takes into consideration the individual’s needs both the spiritual and the social ones. The second metaparadigm includes the environmental component which focuses on the overall surroundings affecting the patient. This environment consists of both the internal and the external components. The third metaparadigm is the health component that is the extent of the health care wellness that is provided to the patient. This component is characterized by multiple dimensions that are always in constant motion. This incorporates how an individual’s physical, intellectual, social and the spiritual well being of an individual contributes to the maximum health benefits of this individual. The fourth metaparadigm is the nursing component that ensures that optimal outcomes are delivered to the patient through a given mutual relationship that involves a safe and a caring environment (Snowden, Donnell, & Duffy, 2014). Thus, this component is able to apply knowledge, technology, communication and skills to ensure that the duties and responsibilities promised to the patient are delivered.


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