W3 Assignment 1 Discussion

Question 1

In general, a research study is usually based on a question. This question is asked because the information available is insufficient to answer it. For one to carry out a successful research study, you should ask yourself how knowledgeable you are in that particular field. Through this, you can do a deep and comprehensive research or a swallow one. Secondly, is by contacting the professionals and superior ones in that particular field to get more progressive and get to analyze their ideas in the researcher study. Thirdly, you should able to understand the current trends and technological innovation around the research study. It will lead you to the development of the theory and give it some facts (Powers & Knapp, 2011).

Question 2

Comfort theory in pediatric nursing.

The pediatric nurses mostly use the measures of discomfort that assign a zero sense of comfort to patients who need comfort for their recuperation. The comfort theory was developed by the American Nurses Association (ANA). The theory particularly teaches on the aspects of nursing with humanistic and with the help of the technology. Precise, it is due to the written protocol that widely directed more to pain relief rather than comfort to children that led to erupt of this theory. According to the (ANA) this theory is applicable everywhere because it has a limited number of abstractions. Nevertheless, it has a lower level of instructions, and it is easy to practice (Powers & Knapp, 2011).


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