Sex Slave Trade In America Name

Sex Slave Trade In America





Sex slave trade is a social problem that is rising fast in the U.S. It is a type of modern day slavery that exists all over the world but it is gaining ground in the U.S especially. Women, children and men are victims and they are forced to unwillingly participate in commercial sex unwillingly (Territo & Kirkham, 2010).

One of the reasons for sex slave trade is the economy. As the economy worsens, sex slave trade goes up. With little options to fend for themselves, the victims opt for the lucrative disposition of sex slavery (Territo & Kirkham, 2010).

The Internet is another factor contributing to sex slave trade. With the new technologies is increasingly easier to run a sex slave ring without authorities noticing. Some sites make it easy for young girls to advertise and sell themselves.

Another huge variable is victims from outside the U.S. The trafficker’s favorite destination is the U.S where such business has a big market and is therefore very profitable. Victims are lied to that they are going to find lucrative jobs like jobs in the hotel industry, or they are told that they are going to further their studies only to be forced into sex slave trade. Since the victims are cut off from all people they know and since many do not speak English it is very difficult for them to get help from authorities (Kara, 2009).

Another reason for the persistence of sex slave trade is home life that makes victims who are mostly teenagers to be picked off the streets after they run away from home. According to research, 90% of the females that ran away from their homes said that being sexually and physically abused made them to run away from their homes and that is how they found themselves in the sex slave trade industry (Kara, 2009).

In conclusion the sex slave trade is contributed by the Internet, economy bad home life among many other reasons. It continues to persist in the U.S.


















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