Marketing Principle

Marketing Principles


Marketing has been defined has the combination of all those activities that take place between the making of the product by the manufacturer until when it reaches the end user also known as the consumer. The marketing activities include advertising, shipping, selling, transportation and also storage. Branding and sorting is also a part of the marketing practice, generally marketing are the activities carried out to facilitate sales.
Successful marketing highly depends on the following key issues; they include price, product, promotion, process, people and physical evidence. To better understand the marketing exercise, I will draw an example from a real life situation in marketing exercise. The marketing exercise comprised of two different drinks, marmite and bioande. One is an alcoholic drink the other one is not. To promote the sales of Bioande soft drink, the manufacturing company can launch a marketing campaign via the social media. In the recent past, I have witnessed the great success of creative marketing campaign via the social media platforms or channels. Morocco being a well-developed country on the northern part of Africa, many people are well versed in the use of Internet and other social media platforms. All youths and the educated population using the social media on a daily basis make a good market share. The manufacturing company of the Bioande drink should first launch a marketing team (Czinkota,, 2000).
The group should create a marketing campaign focused on attracting the countrywide audience in order to create brand awareness, involve the audience in the marketing campaign and multiply the level of customer engagement. The manufacturer of the soft drink should use the existing media platforms to describe the content of the products, its health benefits to the consumers. They can also share photos of the packed drinks: colorful and well-edited photos will attract many people from all parts of the country to more about the drink (Barry, 2010). The fact that Bioande is a non-alcoholic drink is an added market advantage as nobody is limited to take the drink either on the basis of age, gender or region background. The marketing campaign via the social media seems the best option since it has no geographical limits. Individuals from all parts of Morocco will get the message (Davies, 2010). The manufacturer can also hire marketing agents by contacting them online; the role of these agents will be to take the marketing campaign to the grassroots and the rural areas. The agent gets information direct from the marketing department of the company and finally delivers it to the consumers, especially the illiterates with no education.
The second creative marketing campaign that the Bioande drink manufacturing company can use to gain a market share in Morocco is the introduction of bonus, gifts and draws to win cash. This kind of marketing campaign is familiar and works efficiently by promoting frequent consumption of a certain product. The idea used is that the consumer with high and frequent consumption has a higher chance of winning the gifts provided by the manufacturer. The advertisement of these gifts increases the brand popularity among the Morocco citizens. Everybody likes to get gifts; therefore they will have interest to know better about this soft and non-alcoholic drink available in their market (Czinkota,, 2000). Everybody will make a purchase make him /she has a chance to win the promised gifts. Since the distribution logistics are already in order, the promotion of the product using this creative marketing company will be easy. The marketing team will reach the demand of various consumers by supplying and delivering what they require at their doorsteps (Davies, 2010).
There are possible challenges that may face the above creative marketing campaigns. In the case of Social media marketing, the manufacturer may fail to reach the population percentage that doesn’t use the social media (Barry, 2010). This would cause a low consumption and demand for the soft drink being distributed in the country. The use of the social media requires the all the users to have the ability to read. Therefore, the illiterate people will not get any information about the existence of Bioande drink. The second marketing campaign strategy weakness is that the consumers high consumption would still low returns to the manufacturer. This implies that the marketing team may make losses or spend more on giving the gifts and other bonuses to the customers. Instead of making profits the manufacturer may make losses that could be a financial blow to the company (Czinkota,, 2000).
The study of consumer behavior helps individuals, business firms, and other organizations to understand and improve their marketing strategies. Consumer behavior is the systematic study of organizations, individual consumers, or groups and the procedures they use to choose the products or services that satisfy their needs and the impacts or effects of these procedures have on the society. Consumer behavior can also refer to the buying patterns or behaviors of the consumers (Parsons &Maclaran, 2009). There are many factors that influence the consumer behaviors; cultural factors are the most important factors. Culture is the way of life or values upheld and observed by certain group of people. Culture has significant influence on every consumer buying decision. The cultural factors include habits, beliefs, principles and social classes. Example the status-those people who belong to the upper class tend to consume expensive and luxurious products and goods. The lower class people who struggle to make ends meet only spend on basic products that are necessary for survival (Davies, 2010).
Conspicuous consumption refers to the expenditures incurred to acquire luxurious goods and services to publicly show off one’s economic power facilitated by the buyer’s accumulated wealth or the buyer’s income. This is common among the Asians who always want to gain social recognition through what they buy. Conspicuous consumption is socially accepted in Asia because it relates with regards for high hierarchy levels (Parsons &Maclaran, 2009). Conspicuous consumption was a product of upcoming middle class during the Nineteenth and twentieth century. The members of this group had a high percentage of disposal income that was spent to acquire goods and services which were not basic goods but luxury goods. Consumerism concept is based on conspicuous consumption. Culture bound refers to validation within or limitation by particular culture while culture free refers to the freedom or no limitation by culture. Culture-bound limits members from consuming some products; example the Muslim culture doesn’t allow them to eat pork (Parsons &Maclaran, 2009).
Our culture has evolved due the modern technology and daily inventions and discovery of new ideas. Culture has significantly influenced the worldwide consumption of Internet and its World Wide Web through cross-cultural marketing and advertisements. This concept of culture was drawn from the Edward T. and Geert Hofstede models (Barry, 2010). The geographical barriers are no longer hindering marketing of goods and services to both local and international market. The digital migration has facilitated the marketing since manufacturers can notify the consumers on the existence of new products through advertisement.

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