Participation in Political Process

Participation in Political Process



Participation in Political Process

Participating in the political process is a noble calling that all citizens who have attained voting age should answer to. Irrespective of race, age or such other factors as economic level and education it is the duty of every adult to choose the type of leadership they want for their country for a specified period of time. Lowi, Ginsberg and Weir, in We the People: an Introduction to American Politics highlight the merits of political participation. They have also shed light on the best ways of participating in this process to bring out the best in leadership.

While political participation is multifaceted it is the duty of the people in the campaign and voting process is so great that the former should precede the latter in a political process (p. 394). Before casting the vote, the individual involved in this process is advised to spread the word about the political side that they would want to indentify with. This ensures that when the participants get to cast their votes they will have influenced others to indentify with the best candidate. The Obama campaign, for example drew people from all walks of life in an internet fundraising process that propelled him to The White House.

After the people have participated in campaigns through various means they should be dutiful to vote in the leaders they support. Since it is one vote for every adult, there should be no reason for any person of voting age not casting their vote. It is the adding up of the accumulate individual votes that lead to the verdict that the people have spoken every time a candidate gathers most votes.


Lowi, T.J., Ginsberg, B. &Weir M. (2013). We the People: An Introduction to American Politics. New York, NY:W.W. Norton and Company.


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