Public Opinion and Media

Public Opinion and Media



Public Opinion and Media

Lowi, Ginsberg and Weir (2013) posit that bias in news reporting may sway the opinion of the general public to identify with specific ideals which are not a correct representation of real issues as they should be (p. 221).  While aware of this anomaly in the media industry it is then only advisable for the news consumer to be critical while taking in the news. In this light, there are various measures that people should take to cushion themselves from news that are tailor made to advocate for inaccurate cause. Also referred to as propaganda, these inaccurate news need to be weeded out from real news in one way or the other.

Nationalization of American news, for example, has played a major role in sorting propaganda from real political outlook. Mainstream media in America is served with the role of feeding the general public with news that brings out the real perspective of an informed America (p. 248). Anything other than mainstream media and especially internet media need to be checked as they maybe laced with persuasive propaganda.

On the other hand, the availability of a body that sets and executes the rules and regulations for the news content that is proper for consumption by the general public can help to censor news that would otherwise be harmful if released to the public. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has played a major role in maintaining the sobriety of American news reporting. However, this body has not control over internet media. Propagandists have therefore turned to such and other non mainstream media to pursue their cause. A word of caution should thus be given to those who turn to such media to be extra careful when getting persuaded.


Lowi, T.J., Ginsberg, B.,& Weir, M. (2013). We the People: An Introduction to American Politics. New York, NY: W.W. Norton and Company.


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