Cheerleading is the synchronized effort of encouraging the spirit and participation of spectators in support of a particular team. It is also a competitive occurrence with diverse cheering squads competing against each other for ranking and awards. Cheerleading varies from yelling and extreme physical activities. The routines are done for several minutes and may contain components such as dance, and tumbling. Cheerleaders are used in games and in every institution where students participate in any game, there is a lead cheering squad who motivate them to winning games through song and dance.

Cheerleading originated from United States in the 18 century as a rebellion from students who experienced the harsh treatment from teachers as an indirect way to independent. The students and developed an extra curriculum activity that could not be controlled by their professors. The students started cheering and chanting in unison later the cheerleading spirit spread to other parts of America (Singer, 2010). Initially, Cheerleading was an all-male activity but women were admitted into cheerleading at the University of Minnesota and other schools followed suit. America dominates the activity so far, with thousands of these cheerleading troops.

Today, the cheerleading squad competes for professional positions just like other occupations such as football and basketball teams. The activity has raised the bar for the skill level and abilities required to join other ranks of other professionals (Singer, 2010).Cheerleading includes physical activities such as gymnastics, and aerobics and can commence as early as age five. Competent cheerleaders entertain in sports such as hockey and basketball. Some of the most renowned cheerleaders encompass NBA cheerleading league and NFL cheerleading league.


Singer, L. (2010). Cheerleading. New York: Rosen Central.


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