Enhancing Employee Job Satisfaction and Motivation

Enhancing Employee Job Satisfaction and Motivation




Nearly all workers at Plastico Packing have a low job satisfaction and are not adequately motivated to work at the firm. This is evident from the high employee turnover, inconsistent production quality, and complaints from the workers. The major reasons for the lack of adequate motivation include; inability to work as a team, lack of interpersonal skills and lack of a good employee benefits scheme. Generally, employees who are intrinsically motivated have a tendency to produce higher output and develop professionalism in the workplace. The Problems at Plastico Packaging can hence be eradicated by designing a plan to intrinsically motivate the workers. Therefore, to enhance job satisfaction and consequently enhance employee motivation, it is recommended that the jobs be redesigned, and an intrinsic rewards scheme be established at the company. The following is the recommended plan for resolving the problems at Plastico Packaging.

Job Redesign Plan

The jobs at Plastico Packaging should be planned in a way that enhances teamwork and provide equal opportunities for all genders. As currently is, the reporting system is not aligned to enhance efficiency. It is impossible to point express responsibility for the poor quality or even good work to the people who are directly responsible for such output. To eliminate this, the plan should enhance procedural justice and interaction justice by ensuring process consistency and respect for dignity and transparency within the system. The jobs should be strictly based on the production process with teams manning each production stage and a supervisor attached to every stage or depending on the need. For instance, a team of machine operators, inspectors/ packers, utility workers and a machine technician should be in charge of bag making. All this workers should be directly responsible to one supervisor who would in turn be responsible for the output from the team. In case the output from the team is below the averages acceptable, the responsible supervisor should be held accountable for the team. Further, rewards should be set to the team if the output by the team is above the acceptable averages. The promotion within the line of operation would also be based on inherent qualities and experiences rather than other aspects such as gender.

Intrinsic Motivation Techniques

Offering equal opportunities for advancement

One of the greatest shortcomings of the work environment for the employees at the company is in regards to opportunities for advancement. This is evident from the high employee turnover that also increased as one goes above the hierarchy. This implies that the opportunities for advancement also diminish along the hierarchy. To ensure that the employee perceive a long-term engagement to the company, Plastico Packaging should provide equal opportunities for all employees to climb the ladder. This would motivate the employees to contribute more to the company because they acquire a vested interest in its growth (Ashdown, 2014).

Mentoring and Education

Plastico Packaging should regularly enhance its employee’s capacity through regularly mentoring and training. The lack of adequate mentoring is evident from the fact that its takes at least six months to train a bag making supervisor to an operator. Mentoring and training should be done on a regular basis to ensure that employees are adequately equipped and can transition into other jobs with ease. In addition, the company should offer regular feedback on performance and reward the exceptional workers (Ashdown, 2014).


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Ashdown, L. (2014). Performance management.

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