Human trafficking, Runaways and Sex Industry

Human trafficking, Runaways and Sex Industry



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A runaway is a minor who lives outside the home of a legal guardian without permission or thrown out and considered by the local authorities as a homeless person. Causes of runaways include family dysfunction, and drug addiction. Consequences to the runaways include destructive behaviors on the individuals, victimization, sexual exploitation, sexually transmitted diseases, and suicide attempts. Runaways have been victims of the human trafficking, which is a modern form of human slavery with young girls being the major victims. This business involves the use of force, violence, threats, deception, and debt bondage with the victims finally loosing their freedom. In addition, human trafficking of runaways has contributed largely to the rise and growth of the sex industry globally.

Leahy, P., & Holly, S. A. (2015, May 05). The Huffington Post. Retrieved May 30, 2015, from To Human Traffickers, Runaways and Homeless, Youths are a Walking Prey:

The article relates human trafficking to the sex industry in the U.S.A. It descibes human trafficking as a modern form of slavery which involves exploitation and control of people by others for profit purposes. The revelation of traffickers using force, fraud, and coercion to control runaways to engage in commercial sex against their will is surfaced. It occurs through online escort services, massage businesses (spas), and street prostitution. It further defines human trafficking as a market-driven criminal industry guided by the principles of supply and demand.

Key statistics are provided in the article including statistics from the International Labour Organization, and National Human Trafficking Resource Centre. It explains on the victims of the business and how their population is divided under the U.S.A law.The categories include; children under age 18 lured  into commercial sex, adults aged 18 or over induced into commercial sex, and children and adults induced to perform labour or services. Traffickers are also touched, and how they operate this business through exploitation and manipulation. It can be viewed how they use the sex industry and why they prefer runaway youths in the business.

Through the article, it can be seen how young runaways who are helpless, jobless, and desperate become major victims. The key statistics from the article reveals that not only does this have to be a major concern to the U.S.A, but to the world due to its diverse and global nature. It can also be seen that young runaways do not engage in sex industry through human trafficking intentionally, but through force and lies. It is upto every individual to help in the fight against  human trafficking in the sex industry as it goes against the human rights.


Leahy, P., & Holly, S. A. (2015, May 05). The Huffington Post. Retrieved May 30, 2015, from To Human Traffickers, Runaways and Homeless, Youths are a Walking Prey:



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