Visiting a Youth-ServicedAgency

Visiting a Youth-ServicedAgency



The success of any youth-serviced agency encompasses the need to have clear and practical mission statements that wholly reflect the aspirations of its clients. Culture and Youth Studies (CYS), for instance, is an organization that works with the current youth and culture. Its mission statement involves provision of applicable informational resources that encourage global collaboration of attaining comprehensive systems approach (Lotz, 2004, 89). The approach is also geared toward establishing deeper ministry and service with families, communities, and youth. However, it is vital to observe that the mission statement of (CYS) reflect its vision and goals.

The goals include the simplification of complex information by archiving them for easier use by the youth. On that note, the vision is interlinked with the research and study of fundamental issues directly affecting most students and communities. Overall, the idea of real interaction between educational institutions, ministries, and other relevant programs ensures (CYS) will become a global community of ideas.

In terms of age, (CYS) enjoys a colourful history especially when evaluated from the context of basic services it offers. Started in the 1980s in Colorado, the youth agency is presently three decades with a wide of successful ventures. The provision of magazines, coaches and effective teachers is an indication of positive influences that transcend the idea of advertising and television. Additionally, the presentation of final projects demonstrates the richness of (CYS) in regards to both administrative and institutional changes made over the years.  Contrastingly, while the youth agency covers multiple settings such as rural, urban, and suburban areas, the basic services provided remain the same.

On that context, the (CYS) plays the formidable role of a public and non-profit youth entity meant to instil values of culture, intellectual curiosity, knowledge, and skills for future survival and sustenance. The integration of professionals and scholars toward instilling values and positive culture into children is a fundamental step that has inspired other organizations. Urban Youth Workers Institute and Emmanuel Gospel Centre, for example, found in Boston have blossomed as a result of the previous success of (CYS) particularly with its total embrace of technology.

Unfortunately, there are limitations that directly the agency’s services in terms of staff size, funding, implementation of policies and procedures, and eligibility requirements among others. First, because (CYS) is a public entity, most its staff areon volunteer work. It implies that only a few personnel are willing to participate in most of activities that positively influence youth and their relation to culture. Conversely, funding is often marred by different challenges ranging from donors who withdraw in the last minute to non-committed stakeholders (Lotz, 2004, 103). The stakeholders are disinterested in the mission and goals that guide (CYS) as an organization meant in championing youthful interests. Therefore, successful implementation of policies and procedures become a serious limitation for the agency because it is unable to meet its targeted goals and objectives.

A variety of treatment programs exist within the (CYS) that are vital in correcting and reforming youthful offenders to become better individuals in the future. The agency, for instance, has drastically reduced elements of teen violence manifested mostly in form of murder, gang violence, and juvenile arrests. Arrests are cited as 17 percent fewer in 2009 than they were in 2000. Counselling and efficient use of the law have worked as the guiding posts in guiding teens.


Lotz, R. (2004). Youth Crime in America: A Modern Synthesis.New York, NY: Prentice Hall.


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