Role of Television in Modern World

Role of Television in Modern World


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Role of Television in Modern World

Among the most dominant media forms, television will probably rank the highest. Despite its pervasiveness, its influence is predominantly of a negative nature. Far from serving the role of a unique unifier, television individualizes and atomizes the modern world while simultaneously laying the foundation of a precarious future society.

Television has become inherently divisive in nature. It has long been associated with deterioration in socializing. People prefer to remain glued to the idiot box instead of mingling with others around them. Even in case of families, television permeates their time together, distracting them from the real issues they should focus on. Studies suggest that in previous decades, limited number of programs would serve as a unifying force within nations(Text 2). However, with modern day programming and choices available, the positive aspect of television is a thing of the past, making its isolating nature even more potent and dangerous in today’s society. The medium of television isn’t satisfied with present day impacts alone.

Television is carefully laying the seeds of a more violent and even estranged future society. Some researchers argue that appalling content on TV is “worse than ever before (Text 1).” The debate regarding television induced violence is not a new one with studies confirming that long-run exposure to violence on television is linked with greater violence in children, the forerunners of our future(Text 3). Unstable children cannot distinguish between fact and fictionalized violence(Text 3). Further, television cuts into the time families must spend in rearing children correctly while simultaneously setting negative parenting examples for kids to mimic. In this way, television is acting as a key negative influence on future generations.

Time spent in passive entertainment in front of the TV, could be put to innumerable productive uses. Though this observation is not new, it needs reiteration in the light of television’s ever increasing horrid influence on the members of society.


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