Police Officer

Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving also known as COPPS philosophy seeks to engage the community to the policing concepts. It much advocates for the partnership of police with businesses, citizens, and civic groups in helping solve problems that affect the quality of the community life. The COPPS philosophy underlines police response to problems and matters in the neighborhoods. In collaboration with the community and groups of public policing, the police seek to solve long term problems and help the community to the better ensuring a crime free community through the best relationship with the community. Such problems range from over speeding, auto-burglary, drug abuse and violence to children in trouble. The officers focus on providing a long lasting solution to such problems as they ensure and establish a stronger bond with the citizens.

In such a scenario where by the offender seems new, (as noted from the Spanish ascent), I will first seek to know how long they have been in the country. This will shed more light on how conversant they are with the traffic rules, much establishing they cause of violating the traffic rules. Be it deliberate, out of ignorance or may they be innocent for being out of knowledge? Such guidelines will engage me in a more knowledge and discovery on why they are in the country and what much provoked their nervousness. Generally, someone who is new to a place or who is in the wrong has that emotion of getting nervous. However, this does not mean that they will escape with the offence, be it out of innocence or deliberately. This is just but meant to establish and have more ground on the cause, in which I will also ask for their visa to establish the truth and legality of their being in the country. I will further seek to educate them on the offence and now that they already have a further offence of bribing, I will show them in my explanation the importance of not bribing, which proves more expensive, than just paying the fine which is way lesser than the bribe they gave. Engaging them in a dialogue, not scrubbing their fine, they will have to learn from their mistakes such that they will be well informed and avoid such acts of law violation, in traffic violation and the thought of getting out of the wrong through bribery.


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