HCAD 610 Week 12 Conference Paper

How Healthcare Organizations Evaluate their Health Information Technology


Quality is critical in the healthcare industry. To ensure consistency in providing quality care, organizations should conducted occasional evaluations of their health information technology systems. This process is of utmost importance as it allows such organizations to determine whether their systems are providing value. However, the process is riddled with challenges and hence the reason why value analysis is difficult for many organizations (Rutkow, et al., 2014). This paper expounds on evaluation of health information technology systems and the challenges encountered during evaluation.

Evaluation of health information technology systems

Every healthcare institution aims to reduce readmissions and thus reduce costs. Health information technology in an indispensable asset in the process. In evaluating them, healthcare institutions aim to know their actual value and whether they are meeting their set objectives that were defined upon their purchase. Evaluation of the systems involves random and controlled trials of the systems. However, such evaluation fails to provide the scope nor adequate information that is reliable for decision making. Other evaluation mechanisms are multi-perspective evaluations that emphasize on qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis (Tumlin, 2012). The electronic patient record systems is a multi-perspective approach and incorporates all professionals in the industry.


As aforementioned, the whole evaluation system is riddled with challenges. First, the cost of conduction any evaluation is very costly. This is because it incorporates scientists, engineers, economists and technicians among others. As such, many healthcare institutions find it extremely difficult to undertake evaluations. Next, there is the problem of inappropriate evaluation and hence the validity of results. Different methods are used by different evaluators and hence it hampers corrections in the systems.


Rutkow, L., Vernick., J., Gakh, M., Siegel., J., Thomson., C., & Barnett, D. (2014). Health Information Technology Systems Control and Evaluation. Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics, 64-71.

Tumlin, J. (2012). Sustainable Planning: Tools for Creating Vibrant, Healthy and Resilient Communities. Hoboken: John Wiley and Sons Inc. Retrieved June 14, 2015


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