Section 1

Question 1

            Honoring Our Spirit campaign aims at giving living testimonies to reduce the rampant road accidents in Canada. At the same time the group also aims at showing the dangers of drink and driving. Participants involved are the directly or indirectly involved victims of the monster drink and drive vice. The campaigns objective is to create awareness to the drivers and other motorists who are involved in drinking and go ahead to drive. The campaign also sensitive on the losses incurred after driving when you are drunk. At the same time the campaign is showing the great agony and pain of parents who have lost young people in the road accident due to drinking and driving.

The group has employed various methods to be able to air their views. Nevertheless   the method was satisfactory. However having people giving testimony is not very effective as compared to visual stuffs like pictures of car wreckages and accident scenes. Adding this to their videos and testimonies would make people get the real meaning of accidents.

Question 2

MAAD Canada     who we are-part 1


            MAAD Canada video is an encouraging at the same time very emotional. The video starts with some lyrics chanting the groups’ purpose and mission as well as groups objective. Again there are volunteers, family, friends from Canada giving their support to the group and advocating for people not to drink and drive. This part is followed by the most emotional part of the video where a mother is narrating a story of how she got sad news about the death of her child. Also the mother express the story very emotional and shows how she was looking for a supportive organization during the tough times and fortunately found MAAD which came to her rescue. Yet again the video shows enthusiastic employees of MAAD group expressing their joy to work with the group. The video goes ahead and gives statistics and facts about impaired driving and Pictures of grief and agony of members how has lost their loved one. This is a very good connotation of MAAD organization this video is much luring to the viewers and driving point home.

Honoring Our Spirit

The video starts with people drumming and others dancing around. The video is also emotional, due to the sorrowful narration of how people die due impaired driving and yet their mission to the community as well as to the family is yet to be accomplished. Again a police constable in UK gives a sad story of six kids who died due to the same cause; six graves of the victims are seen. A psychologist giving how to cope with grief after a loss as well as another woman gives an account of how she lost her mother due to impairment. This is followed by a woman who gives some complicated misconception of why the accident occurs in the highway. The  woman gives a doctrine which states that when many young soles which has died on the road are the same soles claiming the soles of others in the high and she advocates for cleansing. This video is effective to the youths with guts of going to parties and driving when drunk.

The third video is another sad story of a girl named kali. This girl lost her parents in a very mysterious way. The girl was with her both parents and his brother in a car. The family was coming from the market to buy costumes for the coming Halloween occasion. Little did the girl know that this was the last gathering with her parents. Kali recalls the account very well, from how she saw bright light coming towards them and how she came out of the car to see the engine of their vehicle tattered and her both parents lying lifelessly. Again she gives an account how life has changed from then. She tries to figure out her wedding, her first born child but it is too late her parent will not see the neither the weeding nor the kali’s first born. This is effective for parents with tendency of drinking and driving.

Kali story is very touching, from the way she explains to the emotions which hit her hard. It is very challenging to lose both parents when one is still in school. Considering dynamics like school fees and the parental guidance is most important which always keeps us moving.

The youths are known to be the people who uses internet than other age groups. If by any chance such a leader asks for my advice I would advise him/her to use the media as many youths are free and enjoys browsing. This could be achieved by creating pages in platforms like Face book and other social Medias. Such pages should post questions and debates for youths participate. Consequently the feedback from the youths should be taken any analysis of information provided should take place.

PSA has really affected my life in terms of saying no to alcohol. With the vibrant campaign in radios Television social media as well as printing magazines, talking about alcoholism and its demerits, I have been affected positively by the campaign. The organization changed my life after presenting some of the most touching story in Canada about the dangers of alcoholism. The organization touched on risks such as diseases, impaired judgment, causing roads accidents and violence. After weighing the benefits and risks involved I said no to alcohol.

The three common problems faced by youths is drug abuse, peers pressure as well as big gap between elders and youths.

Gap between elders and youths, unlike antiquity nowadays communication gap between elders and youths has significantly increased. The elder consider the young youths to be more mature and old enough to tackle and make decisions. With the little knowledge, the youths have goes ahead and makes very imprudent decisions, consequently ruining their lives.

Peer pressure, this has affected the youths globally. They are pressures by either dares or threats into what one is supposed to avoid. For example most youths try to lure their friends into pre-marital sex and other immoralities. Due to curiosity and fear of losing friends most friends are likely to practice the pre-marital sex.

Drug abuse, this vice is rampant to many youths global. Due to curiosity, many youths find themselves in trap of using drugs and alcohol. Consequently leading to addiction as well as immoral practices in the societies like crime, since youths don’t have money to buy drugs.

Section 2

In my campaign I would campaign against drugs and alcohol abuse among the youths. My objective is to reduce number of youths entering the drugs arena. Again make sure the already addicted are untied from addiction. My main target are the youths since that the stage where many problems start from. I will be taking interviews of youths who had been involved in alcohol and classify them according to age bracket. Questions like have you ever tasted alcohol and at what age .This will help me in analyzing. I would use positive consequence since it is easier to administer as well as easy to adapt in comparison with others. Media platform like Face book is the best since many youths like browsing. The method is challenging because it costly to browse. However, it is very beneficial since many youths uses internet. Use of testimonies of people involved in dubious activities due to drugs is effective. Purposely the interviewing would be fighting to leave a clear picture on dangers of drug abuse. To make my adverts unique I would take addicts to talk to people in my mass awareness crusades.

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