A) Necessary Evil (Poem)





  1. Necessary Evil (Poem)

Sometimes, to find oneself; you have to lose yourself,
I have hit a the rocks; I have no energy to work it out,
I tried fixing it all; only to end up hitting the rocks harder,
My art; what I hold dearest.
I need to reboot; I need the creative juices to flow again,
I need to feel renewed; I wanna be me again,
That’s why I’m taking a break; Till I’m okay,
Reconnecting with my muse; you have to witness the exemplary me,
But I can’t give it now.
Waiting for my muse to rise; And from the ashes it will rise,
I’ll be back, better,
Till then, keep me alive in these circles.

  1. The Necessary Evil (Prose)

It was last year that things went sour in my life. The hormones in my body were in a frenzy, and the adrenaline made me lose focus. In the midst of it all, I lost my heart, my dreams and hope in life. Nothing mattered and so did I. The chaotic life that was filled with resentment, disobedience and carelessness made me drop those that mattered. My family lost faith in me, and I resulted in drugs and crime. I no longer played my instruments and neither did I make paintings anymore. Inside, I was dead but pretended not to be. The final stroke was when I was ready to take away my life. Fortunately, a close relative decided to talk me out of it and to handle me with love. It was then that I realized the extent to which I was losing in life and that life was indeed precious. So as to deal with the challenges facing me, I agreed to comply with the recommendations given and enrolled in a rehabilitation center. The quiet moments offered me a platform to re-arrange myself as well as to regain inner peace. At the center, they all treated me well, and I was able to regain life each day. Not long from now, I will be discharged to face the world with revamped meaning and confidence. This time, I purpose to make a grand comeback. I will recapture my dreams and my art. I will lead a very focused and fulfilling life and live to tell the story that made me who I am. I swear that I will be better than I was, and until I make the majestic comeback, I beseech you all to keep me in your prayers.

Lessons Drawn from the Exercise

From the above exercise and the readings, I have learned that writing in prose is much easier than it is to write a poem. However, the use of ordinary language and the necessity to adhere to strict instructions in prose is not as exciting as the freedom that comes with poetry. Additionally, poetry is not as straightforward in meaning as is the case in prose, so it makes one think first and to try deduces the meaning. Upon subsequent readings, the meaning becomes clearer. The greatest thing I have appreciated from the exercise is having a changed attitude towards poetry.


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