Childhood is the Kingdom Where Nobody Dies





Childhood is the Kingdom Where Nobody Dies

This poem is a used symbolically to represent the set of mind in which one controls everything in it. Just like the dream where the dreamer all the time, eventually comes out as a winner, then in this poem the persona (the child successes at the end). Therefore, in this poem ‘Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies’ it is used to stand for the inner soul where we always want to hold close to the things we love. This is portrayed in the sentence “—mothers and fathers don’t die” meaning that the things that we hold dear should not be taken away from us. On the other hand, there are things that one has to let go. These are the things that matter less and they may include the distant relatives or even the cat or pets.

There is also the element of the passage of time, which is illustrated by the line “To be grown up is… With people who have died” this show that the persona is now grown up and is trying to reflect back on how she/ he used to think during the childhood. This also shows how she is frustrated on noticing that all that she thought when she was young is contrary to the reality because now she realizes that her mother will not be long around her. Therefore, this also gives the theme of change since at the start of the poem we see a naïve child who thinks that the world will not change in any way that will affect her. Finally, we can also see the change of mood from sweet mood to sad mood from the last sentences in the poem is:

“You drink it standing up,

And leave the house”.

Which shows that the persona is not happy with the turn of events.

Remembering Kevin MacKenzie

This poem has also the element of the passage of time since the observer starts with “Once upon a time … summer.” Which shows that he has been observing the same thing over a long period. Also, the theme of innocent is portrayed when he says that:

“Kevin, refusing to dance, stood straight

By the wall and dared the girls

To rout him from his sanctuary here.”  Which shows that the boy Kevin was naïve and inexperienced on how to socialize. However, at the end he changes and become closer to the girls that are illustrated in the sentence “As he came through the door…” that shows indeed he has changed.

These also show how they have turned, and the young boys and girls have gone away since they have grown up. This is seen in the sentence “You must be glad to get out of here”.Lastly, both poems show melancholy feelings at the end. For the narrator is left with a gloomy spirit and longing for the past. In the remembering Kevin MacKenzie, he is left thinking of the good times that he had with Kevin “And rising straight in my mind’s eye” which shows he longs for them. On the other hand, in the poem Childhood is the Kingdom Where Nobody Dies the persona is left sad about the turn of events.

In conclusion, I can say that thesepoems show the innocence and naïve nature of children and how their parents or guardians protect them from the clues truth. Therefore, from them we can pick that the greatest task that the parents do is protecting their young ones from any harm (Weiss, 95).

The walking Cain

During my childhood, I used to think and believe that if a person wakes up in the middle of the night he will meet the most famous Biblical Cain. This illusion was to make me not to walk or roam around at night. Therefore, each and every day I had to go home early so that Cain could not come and carry me. I believed that he is a tall, masculine person who is very hairy. This wasbecausehe had no shelter and the coldness made him so dangerous and scarcely. I can vividly recall the words of our Sunday school teacher that, “When Cain killed his brother God cursed him, and thus he roamsin the world, enticing people to sin.” According to me, thiswas not warning rather I saw it a joke and eager to see him more than ever.

This illusion wasbecause in our Sunday school we were told that he was seeking young children and will take them away from their parents. It gave me a lot of headachessince I really wanted to see this gigantic person. Therefore at times in the middle of the night I could crawl slowly and peep through the window waiting to see him passing by. Although, I was worried at the thought of being taken by him. Sometimes when the wind brews I could think that it was his ragged clothes had blown them when he was passing very fast. Which made me shakes in fear and crept back to my bed and hibernated to escape from being taken.

On the following day, I would boost around how I saw the Cain yesternight, and other children could listen to a lot of curious eyes. One of the boys told me, “You were not lucky at all yesterday, I was carried around by Cain, but I was so terrified that I begged him to take me back to my parent.” The sound that only escaped my mouth was, “Woo!!,” due to amusement. This was hard to believe. Our teacher said that once the child is made by Cain, he/ she never returns to their parents, which was a dangerous thing that could happen if I were taken. For days I waited to see the walking Cain in vain, and eventually I could wait no more.

Nowadays I view this story as one of the illusion, that young boys and girls have, which makes them believe that even Neverland and Disney landexist. For now I am grown up I sometimes sit down and wonder how cute those thoughts were on how Cain can carry one person around the world to see all the wonders. On thinking this, I found myself helpless for some are filled with fantasy and lots of allusions. All these dreams and wonders are left unfulfilled for I never once in my life saw the famous Cain. Thus, I can say it was due to my naïve nature I was fooled and terrified so that my innocence cannot allow me walk during late hours. On the other hand, that kept me in placefor I feared not to wrong other people for I was told that if I wrong them Cain will come and carry me in his sack.

Work Cited

Weiss, Robert S. “Relationships from Childhood to Adulthood.” Relationships and Development (2013): 95.


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