Role of Media





Role of Media

Media has a great significance formany people in the society. Most of information is effectively passed through media. Mediais composed of Television, the internet and social networks among others. Just as O’Shaughnessy (390) says, technology is developing and advancing in the society today. Evidently, media is one of the most significant component of technology growth as well as advancement. According to O’Shaughnessy (357), media such television and radio stations are significant to the society for communication of updates and news in the community. Information is passed through such media to the community. In addition to this, the society is informed on several announcements and advertisements through the use of media. Finally, media is used as a form of entertaining community. Music, movies, and articles among others are promoted by media. Additionally, this promotion results in the development of talent among children and youths.

Media plays a significant role in my life. In terms of development, technology advancement, and information technology among many other ways, media has managed to transform and impact my life in various circumstances. First, media has a relevant role in my life in terms of development of talent as well as the achievement of many goals and objectives that I have set in my life. Media gives me an opportunity to grow my ability as well as my popularity in the society. As an artist, Ican produce my music and pass them off to the listeners through the use media. Not only is my talent growing through media but also giving me an opportunity to achieve my goals and earn a living as a result. Also, media has also managed to impact my life in the terms technology development. The world is developing fast in terms of technology and information. Communication of relevant information to the society is rapid and easy through technology advancement. Communication of information is practiced through media such as the internet and social media. Evidently, media plays a significant role in my life.

Creativity can be observed in media, especially in the production department. Media handles numerous productions that work as entertaining tools to the society (O’Shaughnessy 390). Productions taking place in media is such as TV programs, advertisements, movies, music and comedies among others. For instance, TV programs are meant to entertain and educate the society. The characters are supposed to pass off a message to the audience through acting. There are many factors that the directors and the managers should consider while making the programs. In order to keep the attention from the beginning of the program to the last episode of the program(O’Shaughnessy 378). The productions are made from creativity such as the Disney movies, cartoon and animated movies among others. Creativity is seen in various instances such as when an animal is made to communicate and perform many human and reasonable functions. Another case can be cosidered in the music videos where the message in the music is emphasized using some actions created to run along the music(O’Shaughnessy 394). Clearly, media productions are composed of many creativities according to the field of productions.

The main purpose of the media productions is to pass a message and entertain the listeners or the audiences. Creativity in the productions is enhancedtogive the message efficiently and attract the attention of the listeners. One of the most crucial and significant way of attracting as well as maintaining the attention of the audiences is through engaging them in the production. The readers are engaged by giving them an opportunity to comment on the productions, give their views and ideas during creativity and participate in the production activities.

Original Short Story

The love I never got

High school was where it started. The passion of the heart that gives me a shake of the heart whenever I recall. I am now a bit old, but I remember all the miles and troubles I went through, but in the end had to let it go.

It was a shiny bright Monday morning, and the birds had finished their chirping and the bell rang for the student to assemble for a parade. That is where I first saw the lover of my life. No. The lover? Well, that’s what I thought, she was a lovely, beautiful lady. On that weekend, I did not want to lose my chance I had to make a move. This was a difficult task given that I was naïve and so innocent. For sure, it was the hardest weekend since I had to go to their home.

She gave in after exactly three weeks considering I had to ask her, “just let us try, loving won’t hurt.” Therefore, we started to sail the ship of love. I indeed loved her, and she loved me or so I thought. Most of the weekends we spent together either at home High school was stupid since she was like Solomon. Therefore, I benefited from her wit and knowledge, and I drastically improved in my academics. It was never surprising to see how she cared for me and always ensured that I had to finish my homework.

Each day my love for her grew stronger.One Saturday evening as we were walking along a railway holding hands like two peoples destined to be together, I look into her eyes and frankly said that, “sweetheart, I am planning on how after college we should get together”. To her, it was a surprise since I could read the confusion and shock all over her face, and I could not tell why.

Believe me not the answer I eagerly awaited never come out and we had to part that day under a beautiful sunset heart sinking. I could not find a reason for not responding. I became more enthusiastic and pursued her, for she meant a lot to me.  Time past like a cloud of smoke. And in no time we were supposed to graduate. The answerer to my request never come and the more I waited, the more I felt like I was losing her.

On the graduation day, she came to me shining like a heavenly star with a sweet smile and told me how sorry she was that it had to come to an end. She said that her heart belonged to another man that she was carrying her baby. I am confident that on hearing that, my heart skipped a bit. I could not believe what I just heard, it came unexpected and so untimely, because that was my day of joy, to reap what I saw for many years.

Only one question lingered in my mind, “why?” for days I could not understand and up to today I cannot comprehend the motive behind her leaving me. She is now married with one child, am single but not in search for I fear the heartbreak. Evidently, she denied me the love and happiness I ever dreamt of all my youth life. The greatest thing I do believe is that she can hurt my feelings, but never will she crush my soul.

When she left, she denied me one right thing that nowadays I view like never exist in the world, but only in my heart, ‘love’. The love that I never got.

Work Cited

O’Shaughnessy, Michael, and Jane Stadler. Media and society. Oxford University Press, 2012.


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