E-WRITING FOLDER (6) An Essay Describing An Allusion Of Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is an object, which is talked about in the life of today. People have often described the garden, as an entity that is wondrous, which brings about the way it smells, resembles and even everything it meant for Eve and Adam by that time. People have also recognized everything this garden means for them even in this world of today. The Garden of Eden presented in the in the Bible symbolizes an excellent tool or device that can always serve many people depending on whatever the person requires.

God created Eve and Adam then put them in the Garden to guard it and enjoy all the fruits in it except the fruit, which was in the middle of the garden. Even though they were provided with everything, the serpent deceived them to eat the fruit in the middle of the garden in order to have wisdom just like God himself. Just the same way people often make different opinions that have consequences in life, they also ate the fruit and that came with its own results that they had to embrace on venturing into the anonymous life. By managing to eat the fruit, Eve and Adam continuously transformed the way they used to live. The initial life in the Garden of Eden under with the care from God was peaceful and effortless without any labor or burden. They were also restricted and sheltered just as God Himself promised them. After eating the fruit, God thrust them into another life totally different from the original one (Gibson, Walter 26).

When they were still living in the Garden, Eve and Adam possessed a quality and feature that nobody in the present world have. They had no shame in them. On eating the fruit, they did lose this feature, which was very valuable and were now capable of embarrassment and shame. For instance, they could not live anymore without having themselves covered; they were totally uncomfortable with being naked. They were also denied the ease and comfort of self-sustenance after being thrown out of the Garden. God also put more punishment on them for eating the fruit, which they were told not to eat. They were obliged and made to work and toil on the land in order to support and sustain themselves. God also said to them that He would never again guide or hold their hands through the different experiences of life because the fruits they ate opened their eyes (Gibson, Walter 26).

Another consequence they were subjected to after eating the fruit is that they were dispossessed the close relationship and connection they shared with God Himself. This made them continue growing a distanced relationship with Him as they continued to be more and more independent. Eating of the fruit in the Garden surely brought negative consequences to Eve and Adam that they were forced to bear although they manage to escape the previous naïve nature of truth and mind to grow and learn from the gained wisdom.


Gibson, Walter S. Hieronymus Bosch. New York: Thames and Hudson, 1973. p. 26.


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