LESSON 13 bias (k)

Part one

Though omission and selection is hard to detect in the following texts there are notable biases.in the article Birmingham news the journalists have already written about the ‘possible reinstatement’the word is used in that context to show dead sports of U.A.B.vThe word is very manipulative as it perceives the U.A.B as dead. The story was one of those making headlines. The text read follows “Local business man upbeat after possible sports reinstatement”

In the other article on Alaska Dispatch News front page this is exaggeration of the floods. The papers emphasizes so much on the floods by adding two pictures, one showing Dalton High way flooded and also a in the gates of one of the airport. Yet again the article writes scaring headlines in the Alaska Dispatch News “Never seen anything like it”. As to explanation of placement biasness explanation, everybody reading the paper will tend to focus most on the floods rather than the other stories in the paper.

The same paper exaggerate on the issue of floods in Dalton highway. The headline “Floods ravages Dalton highway as well as “Never Seen Anything Like It” is very as hyperbolic. This is because many people will go through the headline and not read the explanation .Nevertheless the explanation of the damages caused by the floods may be neutral but the headlines of the story has corrupted it all .

Photos and camera angles of the same newspaper the Alaska news dispatch, takes an aerial photo of the floods on Dalton highway. Though its goods to show the public of the extent of the damages. The aerial photo shows the area, nearby houses and roads are covered by the floods. Alternatively the journalist should have covered a section of the affected highway and it would splendidly work well instead.

The Birmingham news article on Ray Watts the president of U.A.B meeting with a local business man Jimmy Filler, the journalist goes ahead when explaining their meeting with the president, but the newspaper brands the local businessman as a prominent. The word prominent covered as bias since Jimmy Filler is not even known internationally .Those are the editorial biases on titles and prominence.

Biases through statistics is also evident in the in the Alaska Dispatch News. “When describing the World fire responders keep eye in interior dry condition.” The journalist who was covering that story states that the temperatures edged as high as 70s and low as 80s.Instead of the exaggeration the of the word edged up to 70 and creating his/her own figures ,it should has been reported as normal instead of many exaggeration .thus editorial bias of statistics

Lastly the choice and word tone either written or spoken can be manipulative and make news take a new angle. In Alaska Dispatch News the same article of world fire responders, the writer of that article employs a sad mood of the story making it seem like a desert way of life. The journalist gives a vivid description of the dry grass as well as how the trees has shed leaves high level of temperatures and low humidity. This explanation is very manipulative Again using of “insanely mass of dry air sitting on us” changes the mind of everybody.


                           KVUE criteria on which crime to report is very interesting .The criteria is not virtuous at all .Use of Media is one way of fighting crime ,it does so by reporting and condemning the incidences that are not humane. There to have some criteria on what to report and the incidences involves a human life is totally coldblooded. Yet again having the criteria is an entire disrespect to human life. Human life is very sacred and needs a lot of respect and care. Therefore any action done to it to disrespect should be condemned in the highest order possible

There should be no limitation on which case to be covered, as long as it involves human life. If at all I was to do add anything it should be that no criteria should be used as long as human life is involved. The exceptions should be those who died peacefully and those who passed away in hospitals and homes. Anything else in which involve death due to crime should be covered.

Most Local Television relies so much on crime covering rather than other stories .This is because the covering crimes attract more attention than any other story in the television. People are eager to read or watch the type of crime committed as well as perpetrators of the crimes. At the same time the fact crime is any act that violates the law of a state, Many people are eager to see the violators of law.

Sensationalized reporting always fuels fear, this statement is true. When people gets all information on all the crimes that’s happens they feel insecure. Again when all news about are negative many people will fear their safety. This is because when people gets more information on insecurity, they rate crime very high therefore instilling fear to themselves unknowingly. This will lead to the people fearing and believing the crime rate is exceptionally high for them to manage. Consequently this makes them feel inferior and powerless.

Viewers who has been asked to give an opinion on the crime reporting criteria in KVUE has been in against the methodology. For example one viewer of the show urged in a Fax that the world is violent and everybody should be left to know what is transpiring either good or bad. At the same time a pastor from one of the churches expressed his view that by hearing news we get connected to the victim. The K-eye a competitor with KVUE asks a question that shows that news should cover everywhere. Yet again another key competitor WCCO-TV in Minneapolis has been covering and airing all crimes committed without discrimination. Thereby suggesting all news should be covered.

On the other hand the executive producer KVUE has expressed the joy of not covering all crimes and airing them. At some point JoePhelps the pastor also explained that violent pictures should not be displayed but at least some news about all crimes be covered. The police officer in charge of community policing also expressed acknowledgement for KVUE not airing all crimes news. This is because people tend to think they are insecure. In addition to that Kim Barnes a reporter express the importance of not giving all crime news.

I agree with giving all news, because not airing all is a way of running away from reality which will never change.



First Male pregnancy

This is a hoax. There are many hormones and other essentials that are needed for implantation. Either naturally or technologically (RYT Hospital para. 1). The hormones and conditions needed for implantation cannot be found on a man.This a hoax.

Dihydrogen Monoxide in the Diary industry

This is a scholarly article on how to increase production of milk in a cow (Way para. 3). The chemical has been widely used and most cows had been injected or given the substance to increase milk production .However the chemical has many side effect to both cow and human.

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