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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3

Hardware Findings and Analysis 3

Desktop PCs 3

Color printers 4

Notebooks and Phones 4

Software Findings and Analysis 5

General purpose and security software 5

Conclusions 6

Bibliography 7

Appendix 8

Appendix A: Excel 8

Appendix B: Power point 9

Executive Summary

MarTech Company is a small government registered company that specializes in Graphic design of print media such as files, magazines, flyers, letters, advertisements and information sheets. The resources required for this business include desktops, printers, scanners, photocopier machines, server and server backup for office staff and phone or tablet for field sales staff.

The purpose of this business strategy is to find the cost of setting the new business plan of employing four new offices and four new sales staff, the amount of loan to borrow, and assess the computing hardware and software that are both effective and economical.

It also includes the loan repayment plans to be used, the hardware and software requirements for the business to exhibit maximum performance and income and a way of calculating the field sales staff commissions in accordance with the sales they have made.

Hardware Findings and Analysis

Desktop PCs

Processor Clock speed RAM Storage Operating System Vendor Price
Intel i5-4460 3.2GHz 8GB 1 TB HD Windows 8 Dell $500
Intel i7 3.4GHz 16GB 1 TB HD Windows 8 HP $800
Intel i7 3.6GHz 16GB 1 TB HD Windows 8 ASUS $1150

Keeping in mind that the computers used in graphics design industry should have:

  1. Adequate RAM since picture processing and digital art design may involve high resolution images (Perkins &Shell, 2014 Pg. 44).
  2. Spacious hard drives or disks for easier storage of very large files locally since they require a lot of time to transfer to external hard drives or even to the cloud storage (Perkins &Shell, 2014 Pg. 44).

The dell Intel i5 is the most affordable in comparison to the other models. Its integrated graphics card is able to meet all the graphics design tasks. The RAM is enough and there is enough space for storage. Buying two models of these desktops will be economical and produce optimal results too (Nichols & Kevin, 2014, Pg4).

The HP Intel i7 is affordable too and the RAM and storage space are adequate for the tasks to be performed in the company. It offers an NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 GPU with 4GB of dedicated memory and an option for graphics memory expansion up to 12GB making it more reliable for tasks such as video editing and production (Perkins & Shell, 2014, Pg. 5).

The ASUS Intel i7 is quite expensive but the processing speed is really good and can reduce memory hogs while performing tasks. The RAM and storage space are adequate too and an NVidia GT620 video card that will facilitate video editing and production.

Color Printers

Model Resolution Speed Other details Price
Brother HL 3170 cdw 2400dpi 23 pages per min Allows wireless connectivity.

128MB memory

Lexmark CS410dtn 2400dpi 30pages per min Toner cartridge yield 1400 pages.

256MB memory


The first model is preferable due to its wireless connectivity capabilities that are compatible with wireless devices and mobile phones.

This will reduce costs of buying more printers in case the business is to be expanded. Its high resolution is favorable for printing of high quality images too. All these features make it both cost effective and powerful (Krum & Randy, 2014, Pg. 12).

The Lexmark model is faster, high memory make it to perform optimally. It also prints both color and black and white. Purchasing three of these printers will cut down costs and produce the best results too (Nichols & Kevin, 2014, Pg3).

Notebooks and phone

The best notebooks according to research that will be most effective for the field sales agents should be portable and powerful for best result and they include:

Processor Clock Speed RAM Storage Operating System Vendor Price
Core i5 3.2GHz 8GB 1TB Windows 8 Dell $799
Core i3 2.8GHz 4GB 500GB Windows 8.1 ASUS $350
Core i7 2.3GHz 8GB 1TB Apple OS X Apple $649
NVidia Tegra 4 1.8GHz 4GB 16GB Android LG $200

The core i5 Dell is one of the best ultrabooks making it ultraportable for the agents and its battery can last for 12 hours with charge giving a good deal of endurance (Krum & Randy, 2014, Pg. 21).

The core i3 and i7 have ample space and RAM and are quite affordable. They also exhibit powerful performance and have a long battery life.

The LG phone is suitable for photography and has adequate space, its affordability and high processing speed making it suitable for the sales staff (Okamoto &Toshio, 2002, Pg. 2).

Software Findings and Analysis

General Purpose and Security Software

The general purpose software required for this business is that related to graphics design.

Software System Requirements Vendor Price Features
Adobe Photoshop Mac/Windows platforms Adobe $240 animation and design
Eset Smart Security Windows Eset $80 Malware fighter, antivirus option.

The adobe Photoshop helps in designing of brochures, advertisements, flyers and magazines. It is also effective in photo editing and creation of custom illustrations and is also useful in animations production (Qu & Xilong, 2012, Pg. 19).

All these functionalities of Photoshop will help in cutting down the costs of buying other software that perform similar functions e.g. Corel Paint shop, Xara photo and graphic designer.

The Eset smart security is preferred due to its range of security and protection it offers. It helps in malware fighting and protection, acts as an antivirus and also network protection from malicious sites (Moore & Michaelit, 2007, Pg.3).


In conclusion, purchase will be made of two dell Intel i5 desktops due to their affordability and powerful graphics card, a HP Intel i7 due to its powerful graphics card, its ability to expand the graphics memory and an ASUS Intel i7 because of its powerful graphics card. All these desktops PCs are affordable too.

Purchase of three Lexmark model printer will be made since it is very affordable, high speed and high resolution too. A single Brother HL model will be bought so as to be connecting it to wireless and mobile devices thus serving a wide range of people at the same time reducing costs of buying multiple printers for each staff member.

For the laptops all of them have ample storage space, are affordable and have high processing speed making them powerful for tasks in the field. They also have long battery life.

The LG Android phone will be useful in capturing images in the field since it has a powerful space and is wide screened.

I have learnt that when setting up a company it is important to set a strategy that will help in planning for the resources you have and help to know the total cost incurred in the whole process of setting a new business or expanding a microbusiness and this is useful for company documentation reports (Beer & David F, 2003, Pg.12).

It is also necessary to research on prices of equipment you are purchasing since some of them have the same features different price depending on the vendor (Qu & Xilong, 2012, Pg.15).

I have also learnt that it is necessary to research on the factors to consider while purchasing computing hardware and software equipment for a graphics design company.

For example, you should consider the storage space and RAM for desktops and laptops, resolution, memory and speed for the printers and for the software you should consider the one that perform multiple tasks to save the costs of buying several software..

I have been able to carry out research and realized the best steps to take in order to get the necessary information in the internet.

I have been to make use of various materials to set up the business strategy and analyze all that lump sum information to get the best and appropriate data to use.





Beer, David F. (2003). Writing and speaking in the technology professions: a Practical guide. Wiley

Krum, Randy. (2014).Cool Infographics: Effective communication with data visualization and design. John Wiley

Moore, Michaelit. (2008). Introduction to the game industry. Westport, Conn.: Praeger.

Nichols, Kevin. (2014). UX for Dummies. For Dummies

Okamoto, Toshio. (2002). IEE International conference on Advanced Learning Technologies 6-8 August2001. Madison, USA: proceedings. IEE

Perkins, Shell. (2014). Talent is not enough Business Secrets for Designers. Pearson Education

Qu, Xilong. (2012).Information and Business and Business intelligence conference, China: Proceedings part 1. Springer.
















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