Finance Executive Summary


Company A and B are manufacturers and marketers of health care products. One of the companies is the largest global prescription health care company. The company has maintained ethical health care practices that have been supported by its investment in research and development. The other company emerges as a health care product that produces in mass markets with a diversified pharmaceutical products, beauty products and medical devices.

On beer companies, there are C and D companies where one is the national brewer within the mass-market consumer of beers and have been sold under distinct brands. The company has been able to operate with well-established network on breweries and a supply chain. On the other hand, the other company has been producing seasonal and year round bears with smaller volumes of production marked at higher prices. However, the company has been outsourcing most of its activities.

In addition, companies E and F have been selling computers and their appliances. One of the companies has a focus on mail order sales on PCs among them desktops, laptops, servers, printers, notebooks and workstation. It offers the customers chances of designing, pricing and purchasing via the Web Sites. The other company deal with marketing of highly diversified line of computers, consumer oriented electronic gadgets and other software products. Companies with aggressive strategies foster traffic in stores and expand to the installed base.


Companies G and H deal with books and music retailing, where one of them targets selling of mainly to consumers via its wider retailer store. The company leads in the traditional book retailing fostered through the community store program with regular discount policies. As well, it has been able to maintain online presence with ownership of publishing imprints, the other company deals with online sales of books, videos, and music. Quarter of the company sales are media despite selling electronic and general merchandise.

Companies I and J deals with paper manufacturing. One of these companies is world largest manufacturer of paper, paperboards, and packaging. It is a vertically integrated company that own timberland, paperboard and paper distribution channel. The other company is a small printing, writing and a technical specialty in tissue, towel, and other related products. Most of the company products have been marketed through branded labels.

Companies K and L deals with manufacturing and selling of tools and hardware’s. One of the companies is world manufacturer and the marketer of the power tools and the power tool accessories, fastening, hardware’s and improvement products. The other company deals with manufacturing and marketing of high quality tools and equipment systems for professional use; it offers broad range of products that have been sold within its technical representative and mobile device dealers.

Companies M and N are large and well-established discount retailers. One of the companies has national advertised general merchandise. It has been recognized due to its low prices, breadth of merchandise, and its oriented strategies. The other company is a swift developing chain with a fashionable discount store. The company has collaborated with some leading designers.

Companies O and P are owners of newspapers. One is a diversified media firm that generates most of its revenues through newspaper that are sold all the country and around the globe. The company concentrates on one product. The other firm owns various newspapers within the relative communities located in the Midwest and Southwest. It apply decentralized strategies in decision-making and administrations. It has accessed significant amount of goodwill in the company statement of financial statement due to acquisitions.


The Financial Detective (2005), UVA-F-1486, PP. 1-4.


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