Critically reflect on how the MBA learning journey has helped your personal and professional development throughout the duration of the programme

Masters of Business Administration

When I got my admission for MBA program at ***** I was very excited. I had been dreaming to have this opportunity for quite some time. Before admission to this institution, I had an enterprise that entailed sales of clothes which turned out to be incredibly successful. The success of the business was one of the main factors that made me qualify for the MBA course (Peterson’s 2010). The success of my business equipped with entrepreneurial skills which made me qualified for the course.
I was very pleased to find myself amongst very successful people in the business field and I was eager to learn much from them. It did not take me long before I joined my peers in the student body and realized I could also share a lot with them. This was going to be a very exciting journey definitely. Being around people from different backgrounds and with diversified experience was very helpful to me. Each of them had their own experience which when shared added more knowledge. My peers were willing to share their experience and knowledge, challenges, as well as recommendable solutions to such problems. I could so much in such a short while. We ended up as close friends up to date despite the challenges we encountered while working as a team. I had not been in any association with people from diversified backgrounds. It was challenging to let get such people work together as one but due to the willingness of each of us to be successful and not to let such challenges define us, we made a very strong team, stronger than any other in the course.

The program in which I was part of helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to pursue in the MBA course. I chose to pursue finance and strategy course after I got exposed to the several industries which made realize what field of business I needed to venture in.
I gained personal and professional developed through all stages of my MBA through receipts of dedicated materials and taken part in activities that are aimed at supporting learners’ development journey. By working with subject’s tutors, personal tutors and peers, I realized that my development needs and received support and feedback in every step of my way. While pursuing my MBA, I embarked on a unique mentorship experience specially designed to aid in finding the place one shines best. This helped in freeing the unexpressed parts of my inner self while touching more lives thus making a bigger impact and earning more money, more love and profit maximization. And yes even the health and spiritual intersections. These programs brought the desire to expand in me that aligned with my personal objectives. No matter how I well I was doing at times or the challenges I faced, deep inside I had the belief that culminated from admission into this course that life can. This will be much greater than it is already is.
During my MBA I did three internships all in different companies. Each of the internships internship lasted for three months a period which I gained extensive experience and prepared me to the jobs I would secure in the future. The three internships gave me a unique experience and exposed me various challenges which shaped me and prepared to be part of the business industry.
MBA would give me a unique chance to explore and experience diverse culture by interacting with fellow learners. It would expose me to various enterprises that I knew little about as well as mingle with people with similar minds and goals as mine. My business which I was focused to expand needed knowledge in MBA and therefore I could not let go of such an opportunity.
On commencing my studies I did not cease operating my cloth business as I required the funds to sustain me while in school. I had my hands full as I used every free moment to research on my course as well as finding ways of expanding my business. It became simpler to operate my business as I could invest the knowledge I was gaining from my studies. Things were getting really better. However, it took me sometime before I figured out the best way balance between school and business.
As mentioned earlier, besides exams and classes I managed to complete three internships in different companies as well as one project. While performing this, I travelled to several companies something which almost knocked down my business but I managed to safe it by getting one employee to assist in its running. No event concerning my close went on without my participation. All these activities made me realize my strengths and weaknesses as well as my interests.

Since I wanted to fast track to a good income and was stuck in most of my activities, attaining experience and being ready for taking my vision to higher heights, leaping forward was the only option in my business world.  My MBA turned out to be entirely unique, well franked and designed level of a mentorship program that aided in catapulting my income and self-satisfaction. This was head to head with making a difference in the globe thus the program acted as fate and not an accident. The curriculum helped in the creation of bold vision coax out of the book, program, series or big ideas that I cherished to be birthed out. The best results out of this program were the profitable coverage of the business that works for my lifestyle thus allowed to shine in my brands of genius ideas.
The decision to study MBA was in line with what I was doing at the time- my cloth business, and therefore I had few challenges getting accustomed to the course. However, I had some hard time getting used to the numerous business terms which were not applied to my business but it did not take me long to get used to them.
What were my most interesting part of the course?
I love travelling and as a student in this course I was exposed to many trips most notably my stay in France during one of my internships. It was my first time to visit the country. I not only loved what I was doing as part of the internship but also loved their cuisine especially the Bouillabaisse which is one of my favorite dishes since then. I learnt a few French words as well, enough to get by.
During the course I got exposed to various cultures just my interacting with my fellow learners. I how different our cultures can be something that I found very interesting. And what I loved more about this is that we could work together despite these differences.

What were the main challenges that I faced?
My journey of studying MBA was full of challenges. To begin with, I had no idea how I was going to balance between school and work because it was very important for me to keep my business running as it was my main source of income. My biggest fear being that my business would decline. It took me sometime to take the big step of enrolling in school and when I did, my fears were confirmed. I could hardly balance between the two important activities. My expectations were that I would get enough time in the evenings to attend to my business but it turned that there numerous activities during that time that needed my participation. I had to close the business for sometime before I figured out how to create time for it. My trips especially during internships forced to close the business for sometime before I found someone to operate it while I was away.
As much as I enjoyed my trips, I terribly missed my family and friends. I felt lonely in the beginning before I made a good number friends and even after I did, I kept wishing to have my family and friends with me. Learning a new language is challenging and this is what I went through when I first went to France.
Apart from academic work, what else did I learn?
Being an MBA student helped me learn how to interact with various these people made me a better negotiator; we sometimes got into conflicts and having a common goal called for immediate solutions mostly through negotiations.  I also learnt how to manage difficult situations and how to arrive at win-win solution and avoid conflict using Thomas-Kilman model.
I also learned how to effectively run different activities concurrently; before I learnt this I had to close my business a times to attend to school work and then activities involved. However, with time I had everything running at the same time and quite smoothly.
Emotional Intelligence: studying MBA made me better understand myself and people around me and this helped me to be a better influencer and motivate my surrounding people.
Studying MBA helped me discover and understand my strengths. This was of great use especially when writing my CV which would market me to the world of business.



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