Critically reflect on how the MBA learning journey has helped your personal and professional development throughout the duration of the programme


The ****** MBA is a recognized worldwide as one of the leading business and management qualifications in the globe. Established in 1945,it was the first management school in the United Kingdom and was the first in Europe that focused on the development of leaders (Peterson’s, 2010).This institution is one of the world’s only business schools that encompass a unique mix of expertise in financial markets, international business, real estate and leadership development (Peterson’s, 2010).
This school is ranked as one of the world’s top business schools an elite group of schools to hold triple-accredited status from the United Kingdom, United States, and Europe accreditation bodies. My campus in ****** enjoys a stunning location on the banks of river Thames in Oxford shire that is among the 30 acres of beautiful parkland (Peterson’s, 2010).These environs are perfect for the quiet stimulating debates with other developing business minds. This insinuates a spacing required to stretch your mind and think outside the normal spheres of operations. This institution has centered my learning style thus did enable an in-depth analysis of my responses in tight situations and my working relations with others (Peterson’s, 2010).This was achieved by nurturing that culminated from senses of self-awareness through self-development activities.
These activities enables one to acquire a resilience that empowers one to act decisively and collaboratively hence drawing on your strengths and those of your fellow program members to play as an advantage at its best (Peterson’s, 2010). ****** School of Business as supported my belief that the most meaningful insights come from learning by doing thus ‘been there and done it’. I cannot dispute the opinion that **** as aided in the desire to override and develop an already honed management skills. This is from the classes offered the leveraging my strengths and preparing for the challenges of senior leadership (Peterson’s, 2010).
I have been personally developed through all stages of the ******MBA through receipts of dedicated materials and taken part in activities that are aimed at supporting learners development journey. By working with subject’s tutors, personal tutors and peers, I have recognized that my development needs and received support and feedback in every step of my way. While at *******, one embarks on a unique mentorship experience that is specially designed to aid in finding the place one shines best. This has helped in freeing the unexpressed parts of my inner self while touching more lives thus making a bigger impact and earning more money, more love and profit maximization (Peterson’s, 2010).And yes even the health and spiritual intersections. These programs brought the desire to expand in me that aligned with my personal objectives. No matter how I well I was doing at times or the challenges I faced, deep inside I had the belief that culminated from admission into this institution that life can.This will be much greater than it is already is. This was destined by just an admission into this Institution due to lack of dabbling or even attaining mediocre results (Peterson’s, 2010).Before admission to this institution, I had an enterprise that entailed sales of clothes, and as a result of taking learning classes in this school, I have grown the business to unimaginable levels. This is through the nourishing of the company soul and putting the personal growth on a warp speed and finally earning an incredible income doing what I love changing people’s lives (Peterson’s, 2010).
The totality and uniqueness of MBA
Since I wanted to fast track to a six-figure income and was stuck in most of my activities, attaining experience and being ready for taking my vision to higher heights, leaping forward was the only option in my business world (Peterson’s, 2010). ******* was an entirely unique, well franked and designed level of a mentorship program that aided in catapulting my income and self-satisfaction. This was head to head with making a difference in the globe thus the program acted as fate and not an accident (Peterson’s, 2010).The curriculum has helped in the creation of bold vision coax out of the book, program, series or big ideas that I cherished to be birthed out. The best results out of this program were the profitable coverage of the business that works for my lifestyle thus allowed to shine in my brands of genius ideas (Peterson’s, 2010).
Two in-depth training leverages
There exist certain levels that are designed to help one to dig, expand and reach confidence levels that can connect to the sweetest spot in business mind diversification. These standards have helped me to the provision of highly leveled masterminds, constant and consistency in training my workers. In my entity, there are ongoing clarity, personalized feedback that emanates from accountability for achieving both the business and personal goals (Peterson’s, 2010).The uniqueness of taking an MBA program from the ******* school of Business is the proven path to minting money through the foundational training programs (Peterson’s, 2010) (Peterson’s, 2010).This sub –program runs for 4-5 months with the following as resultants:1.creation of sustainable and scalable 60figure business planning.2.The Duplication of 90 days total transformation program with incorporation of 12 sessions. These have aided in acknowledging exactly how to handle the clients.3.Mastering the deal closure conversation and not leastly4.The deepening of the coaching skills.

Does take MBA in ******* encompass practical investment skills?
This is the core query before applying for any MBA course emanating from result oriented individuals. I had a sensation feeling of a call personally to attend MBA in ******* School of Business (Peterson’s, 2010).This Institution has events that are designated for MBA scholars, for example-MBA live events that are aimed at instilling the practical from classes to the real world. As for me, I was torn between attending such events but this one was not an exemption due to my friends call for an appearance at the event. Cash was the hindrance for attending the event but gave in to the idea. At the event I knew I needed to invest in the core and pay in full. This was due to the synergy from my friend’s opinion in investing in a critical idea. I also knew that I had to possess the foundation of the pilot project from the ground to prevent it from crumbling. Just after investing, I told myself that I would pay off the program in 1 month period. I waited and in not long time I got engagement with a client (high-end client).In my consultant pilot project, this was like blissful fathoms. This project raised an approximation of $13000 on that month (Peterson’s, 2010).This was way far than I normally would have in three months combined. This program has given a platform in setting tools to leverage my business more efficiently and at the same time re-structuring my mindset around money. My biggest breakthrough has been enrollment in MBA program thus realization of my inner capability in making a generous income while doing my passionate stuff (Peterson’s, 2010).I know that I am meant for great achievement in Manning business enterprises thus this acts as stepping stone to my dreams.
MBA program has helped me to get clear on my niche and path thus a launch of new branches across London city that offer consultancy services in Small Medium Enterprise startups. I feel so confident in putting it out there now because of the clarity thus a feeling of rad. Many thanks to the ****** school of Business (Peterson’s, 2010).

Does learning MBA from ********** School of Business instills International networking?
This utterance becomes a fact after admission to this institution whereby the program attracts many international students whom aid in fostering study experience by contributing their knowledge of business in their country to the seminar, bars and class discussions. This insinuates that one will graduate with an international dimension to new managerial skills and a worldwide alumni skills. In every September, there is an international week that is filled with social, networking and business events (Peterson’s, 2010).This has helped in installing interactive mechanism in handling distinct races from different nationalities.
Online networking as helped me in creating links with other MBA’s in the world. This has been achieved through a global online community that aids in accessing other MBA members who have joined the Association of Maters in Business Administration (Peterson’s, 2010).This search might be of the schools name or their personal names thus get involved with business discussions (Peterson’s, 2010).There is also sharing tips in growing commercial entities as well as building and maintaining a mutual relationship with the fellow MBA students across the globe (Peterson’s, 2010).There are some events that we engage the members in so that the Associations can run a robust calendar of both the day and evening events throughout the UK and internationally (Peterson’s, 2010).This is made suitable for all the members at different stages of their career. Some of these events include MBA Social Events (connects the MBA alumni and MBA students within their region), MBA Refresher Events (for graduate members who have finished their MBA studies and have interests in updating their knowledge).

Conclusively, MBA is an all rounded course that has helped in integrating both technical and non-technical enterprise towards my life worth ambitions-Prosperity.



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