Stray Bullets and its effects

A stray bullet is a firearm releases that which unknowingly and to an unintended target. This results into various repercussion to the target. This essay examines effects stray bullets

Stray bullets may kill the unintended target (Wintemute & Wright, 2012). At times, the firearm operator may unknowingly pull the trigger in an area where persons are. The bullet will automatically hit an unintended target, which may be an animal or a human being in the vicinity. This may result in death or a permanent injury to the target. The hit or killed target will bear the impact of the stray bullet.

A stray bullet may get lodged in the body of a target (Godnick, Muggah, & Waszink, 2002). With the target as a human being, a stray bullet may hit them thus getting lodged in the body. This will call for medical surgery to remove the lodged bullet. If the injury is severe, the victim may succumb to death due to profuse bleeding loss of much blood hence beyond recovery.

A stray bullet too may cause fear (Wintemute & Wright, 2012).Upon hitting an unintended target, the explosion may be a sudden noise that may cause panic to the persons and animals around the vicinity. The sudden noise released because of impact with the target may also cause one to collapse and pass out

It may lead to an office be implicated. In a case where stray bullets cause death to a person, the officer may be taken to a court of law and charged with murder, hence losing his job in the first place. With the job gone they will still have to be punished for the carless handling of firearms.

Finally, stray bullets may lead to a life term grudge between two parties (Waegel, 1984). If the bullet victim was the only breadwinner of a family, killing the person, buy a stray bullet may result into a lifelong grudge if the killer was a well-known person in the neighborhood. The family of the victim may not take it kindly seeing the killer walk around the neighborhood unpunished. From such occurrences, the war between the two families may also erupt.


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