Tips for using IELTS to assess students’ English proficiency

Tips for using IELTS to assess students’ English proficiency







The international English language testing system (IELTS) is important since it was implemented to measure the language ability of the students who want to study or work in countries where citizens speak English like the United States and Britain. This is because in those countries, English is the mode of communication used by the citizens in schools and out of school. Therefore, for someone to suit in that type of environment he or she should be able to communicate in English. IELTS is a very popular test that is recognized by a number of countries as that test that gives someone a go ahead to study in the English speaking countries once someone passes the test.

Therefore, one has to attain a certain percentage to be considered proficient in the language. Since there is, a minimum score that one has to get to enable him or her go for studies in the country of his or her choice. These always make the student work hard to achieve the set target of the score in the IELTS test. This IELTS exam is jointly managed by the Cambridge University and the British counsel. The test is usually done to test the student integrity and if the student is ready to be trained in the medium of English in the country where citizens communicate in English.

Therefore, a format should be followed when someone is sitting for this IELTS test.

The IELTS test is usually available in two formats, which are the academic module and the general training module. The academic module is important for the students who need to go for further studies abroad and those who want to take their undergraduate degrees in the country of their choice like the US. The academic modules usually test on the academic skills that are used in the English language include writing, reading and speaking. This

Since this are the major skills that a person will employ when studying in the country that he or she intends to go for his studies. On the other hand, the general training module is of great importance for those people who want to go to the English countries to complete some work experience. While the general module is of great help for those who wish to spend their lifetime abroad. Therefore, they just need to get the general knowledge in English to make them able to socialize.  The general knowledge will make the person able to develop good communication skills that will make him or her fit in the new environment.

Therefore, those skills are actually important for they help someone mingle with the others and share with them his or her ideas freely and courageously since he or she will be sure that they understand what he or she is saying (Jha, 2015). During the examination, the test covers four language skills that are listening, reading, writing and speaking. Where by speaking is done one on one like how oral interview is usually conducted. Listening skills are usually achieved from media or simply a lecture and there after the student is questioned on what he or she hears from the information being communicated.

Therefore, for a student to attain these listening skills he or she should be a good listener and very attentive during the test. More so, the student will also be able to write in the test the answers that he or she comes up with after listening to the information that the examiner communicates (Li, 2015). That means the student should be very keen to write the right points that he gets when listening. This will enable him develop good writing skills and thus come with the best answers.

Tips for IELTS

There are a number of tips that should be considered when one has to sit for that test. First, the content of the test should be stated so that the students are aware of what they have to answer. This includes reading, writing, listening and speaking. The content of the test should be analyzed through the students knowing the course themes and units. (Alderson, et al, .2001). Secondly, another tip is to give attention to the important areas first. The student should start with areas that are important in the test before looking at other areas.

Third, considering of the relevant groups opinion is also important, since they may give information on the type of test that one is supposed to tackle. Fourth, there is the number of items in the test that are supposed to be tackled, for example, the IELTS assessment has four components that one should be aware of if he has to sit for the exam.

Fifth, the students make decisions on the kind of tasks that they should be evaluated on; they should be able to come up with specific points about the IELTS language. The students should also revise on the learning experiences that they have and finally create evaluation that is based on the IELTS test

Explanation and justification for the tips

The tips to the IELTS are very important since they help the student to attend the test confidently and to attain his or her set target. Therefore, if the students have the content of the test stated to them clearly, that would help them come up with the best ways possible of tackling the test. The content makes them confident and very fast in delivering the information that is required by the examiner during the testing time (Coderre, et al. 2014). More so, the students will be able to know the kind of tasks that they should carry out when answering the questions.

These tasks make them aware of the style of tackling the test. Secondly , knowing the important areas is good since it helps the student take advantage of it because they are aware of the content for this will make the student rely on the important areas in the assessment so that to come up with the best answers .  Therefore, the student will feel confident sitting for that test since he or she has a clue on how the test looks like and how certain sections are to be tackled. That will make the task that the student is supposed to carry out simple and easy to tackle.  This is because the student will be aware of what is expected of him or her and that will enable the student to tackle each section of IETLS test accordingly.

However, the student can also get opinions from the groups on how the test is supposed to tackle. That means this groups can be a group of teachers or even examiners that will help the student get some important tactics on the test can be tackled. These groups can give ideas on how the writing skills can be tested and how the test can be answered in general. This will help the learner maximize the time that he or she is given during the test (Shams-s). Group opinions are very important since they help the student with the directions on how the questions should be tackled.

The student should be aware of the important areas in the test and how to tackle each one of them. For example in the IELTS test, the student is supposed to be aware that the test consists of four parts. These include reading, writing, listening and speaking. Once the student is brought to awareness of the components in the test, they will be able to tackle them accordingly. Like when it comes to speaking the student will be aware of the vocabulary that he should use at a certain point and the venue the vocabularies can be employed (Jha, 2015).  This issue of understanding the components of the test enables the student to prepare very well for each section of the test. These make the student to be able to answer the questions ahead without any difficulties.

Moreover, the student can also make the decision of the kind of tasks that he should be able to carry out. For example, if he wants to be testing in the reading and writing skills only he or she can be able to decide. Since he is able to make that decision the student can prepare very well on the test that he has decided to take. By doing so the student will give, be able to get the right answers for the questions ahead. As much as the student can make decisions, they should also revise on the learning experience that they have. When the learning experiences are revised, the student will be able to come up with the best ways of learning the language.

This experience will enable them to tackle all the components of the exam perfectly. The students can converse among themselves to enable the examiner clarify if they are efficient or not. On the other hand, the reading and listening skills can also be looked at when the revision of the learning experience is done. Finally, once the student is well equipped with all those tips he or she can be able to come up with the sample-based evaluation on the components of the IELTS test.

The evaluation will assist the student to know the kind of sections that are supposed to be tackled in the test that will make the student very confident and thus able to approach the test without any fear. He should be able to come up with the writing structure that is well understood by the examiner and even other readers just to make anyone reading his work understand it easily since he will be well versed with the evaluation (Alderson, et al,. 2001). Therefore, they should be encouraged on using these evaluations for their trials just in case they have to sit for a test.


In summary these IELTS is an international language test that trains how efficient someone is in English. One should be able to attain all tips stated above to be able to tackle the test effectively. Therefore, this IELTS language paper is usually broken into four parts that is there is the part of speaking that consists of the examiner and the examinee conversing in English or the students conversing among themselves. By conversing, it checks if the student is eloquent and if he or she knows how to use English vocabularies. More so the important components of the business assist the student know the content of the exam and that makes them revise their learning experience. Evaluation based test prepares the students on the way to come up with the best ways possible to answer the IELTS test. Therefore, it is very important for the students to be enlightened on all these tips on how to tackle the test.

On the other hand, more research needs to be done on the evaluation techniques and revision of the learning experience. Since today, the learning experience and formats of evaluation are changing most frequently. Therefore, the student should be taken through the changing system just to avoid confusion in case, of changes in the setting of the IELTS test. This research will help the examiner come up with the right and new ways of examining the new system of that willbe in place. Therefore most people should go for this English proficiency test whether or not going to another country. This is important since everyone will be aware of how far he is in English. Every individual will be aware of how efficient he or she is in the language.












Coderre, E. L., & van Heuven, W. J. (2014). Electrophysiological Explorations of the Bilingual Advantage: Evidence from a Stroop Task. PloS one, 9(7), e103424.




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