Community Definition

Ryan Chui

Class: Public Health 14

Half Draft

Community Definition

A community refers to a social group that has a self-organized network and share common historical and cultural heritage. It shares common features and interests, and it appears different from the larger society within which it operates. It may include a business or school community. My community, Phi Beta Lambda, consists of approximately 50 students. The majority of the students are between the age of 20 and 25 years old. More than 70% of the whole population is male while the remaining 30% represents the females. We have members from all the races and ethnic groups. More than 75% are Asian followed by 20% who are whites, and less than 15% are Latinos. Majority of the students live in campus while the other group lives at home and hostels. The survey conducted showed that over 60% of all the students occupy the school hostels, 30% occupy hostels outside the campus while the remaining 10% live at home. The socioeconomic status is another important demographic element in my community. The majority of the members are sophomores and juniors who have no work experience or sources of income, with over 80% are unemployed students while the remaining 20% represents the working sector.

The members at Phi Beta Lambda like to hang out and talk business strategies for a starting business. The members share some common similarities, beliefs, and experiences that help hold them together and appear different from other organizations. They are passionate, business-oriented, mindful, as well as social. The institution provides the skills to students to excel in all aspects of business across the globe.

The community administration has developed numerous programs that help address the health behaviors. My perception of drug and alcohol use is that there are members who have been affected by this action. This behavior interferes with a person`s goals leading to stress. I suggest counseling before the matter gets out of hand. The other issue is getting sleep. Most of the students do not get enough sleep because they want to read more. Some hardly sleep at all. Having some few hours to rest is always good for one`s health. Dating and being sexually active is also an issue affecting the members at Phi Beta Lambda institution. These issues lead to more stress that affects the student emotionally. A combination of all these matters leads to a higher level of stress among the members.

As a member of Phi Beta Lambda, I have witnessed numerous positive and negative health behaviors within the institution. The positive behaviors include helping and encouraging others. There are also programs that help develop social, conflict resolution, decision-making, as well as problem-solving skills. These helps support good health. On the other hand, some of the negative behaviors include mistreatment and bullying by fellow students, harassment, violence, and drug abuse. Further, there are some identified barriers to good health at Phi Beta Lambda institution. One of the obstacles is the lack of enough sleep that can lead to serious health complications. The other barriers to good heath include lack of using protection during sex, drug, and Marijuana misuse.

In conducting the survey from UC Berkeley, I had spread out survey questions on Facebook, and the responses rate from students showed me how ` they were to cooperate. I protected participants confidentially by assuring that the responses would appear as anonymous, and the questions will not be answered individually. I ensured that there were passwords and login information required for security purposes. After answering the questions, they would save this information. Out of the 50 students, I ensured that I had a sample size of 20 students. Out of the 20, the number of complete survey responses was 16. The survey application on “My Reports” tab helped in data filtering and classifying. The first question attempted to identify the number of people who slept well for the last seven days. Seven students had enough sleep for the last four days while three students slept well for the last three days. None of the students had slept well for the last seven days except for two who slept for the last six days. In the second question, Out of 16 students, 8 had a little problem, three more than a small problem, two a big issue and three a very big problem. The response of those who woke up early and could not get back to sleep had some discrepancy. Five students never experienced the issue while the remaining was evenly distributed over the last seven days. Only 1 felt sleepy during the day, and 5 felt sleepy for the last three days. Students overall level of stress experience for the last one year showed that ten students experienced average stress, five more than average and one student less than average.

Alcohol consumption was also a disturbing issue. The responses argued that six students never used alcohol for the last 30 days, 3 used between 3 and five days, 2 used between 6 and nine days and others used between 10 and 29. On the use of marijuana, 11 never used, 2 used but not in the specified period while 2 and one students used between 3 and 5, 10 and 19 days respectively. The drinking habit for the last one year was also analyzed. Out of the 16, seven students do not drink at all, eight drinks sometimes, and 1 is always drunk. In the question of relationship status, eight students are single and not dating, 7 are single but dating while I is in a monogamous relationship. Sexual intercourse was another disturbing issue. Nine students have never had oral sex, 1 has, and 6 have done it but not within 30days 9 have never used condoms and the rest failed to answer. In addition, 8 have never had vaginal intercourse, 3 have, and 5 experienced it not within the specified 30 days. Two students never used condoms, 3 used while the rest never answered. 11 never experienced anal sex, 1 have and four not within 30 days. Three students never used, two always used and others no answer. This was a multiple choice question, and it revealed that six people use birth control measures during intercourse.

A large number of students were not sure if they would resist sexual offers from the partners just because they are not in the mood. 5 are not sure they can practice safe sex while the rest refused to answer. Further interviews revealed that 14 students could find people to talk to about personal issues related to sex and drug abuse. Two students find no one to talk to. My survey captured how often students make love. Four had sex a week ago, 5 a month ago, 3 six months ago, 1 a year ago and 5 never. Four students are below the age of 21 years while the rest are above. Moreover, 12 students consider themselves as Asians, 3 are white, and 2 are Latinos.

There were numerous problems encountered during data collection. One of the problems was communication. Some felt insecure of addressing their health problems and thus lead to incomplete responses. Some said that the questions were ambiguous. In addition, there were numerous important questions omitted and wrong answers given. The Internet was another issue; some said that there were interruptions that led to insufficient time in giving responses.

Problem Statement

Stress has been identified as a major factor in my community. This can be attributed to its effect on behavior and motivation to individuals. Stress can be defined as a mental condition that critically strains the mind if an individual suffers in a demanding situation. (Sinha 2008). I noticed that the members in my community were suffering stress; this was brought that they found it hard to balance between their school work and their personal lives at the same time. They claimed that they suffered from feeling exhausted, anxious and hopeless (Chui 2015). As the result, it has an impact on student’s academic lives since it tires the body and the mind making it hard for a student to concentrate. The survey conducted by UC Berkeley has showed that many of the students who exhibited signs of stress attained poor grades in their academic studies (Chui 2015). The stress levels in my community consist of both physical and emotional aspects. The physical aspect represents fear while the emotional aspect represents worries that are caused by fatigue and overworking. This fatigue was brought due to long hours of study and for those who went home; some of them are given chores and are expected to complete their assignments on time. The students find it hard to manage their time properly in a stressful situation (Hawkins 1992).

The stress situations occurred in students as they studied for long hours during the night time and lacked ample sleep time.While also the situation of lack of jobs and the hard economic times has led most of the students to get stressed This has therefore led to many negative issues affecting them these issues include mostly the indulgence in drugs which leads to an addition to both legal and illegal drugs. The addiction to these drugs also brought a rise in unprotected sex in the institution that led to unwanted pregnancies and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Students also claim that a lot is demanded them much that they cannot be able to handle at a time. (Cooper 1992)

The assignments are given too much with short, strict deadlines while their parents, guardians and community at large expected them to perform exceptionally well. Some members claimed that they got stressed out in situations where they personally put themselves into, also the lack of proper uidance and counseling from the administration department of the institution and parents led most of this students into stressful situations. Reports proved that quite a number of students suffered from conditions brought about by stress (Sinha 2001).

Program implementation

The stress issues and all other negative events that are attributed stress have caught the attention of the whole community in Phi Beta Lambda. The community feels that these issues have greatly affected the students and the community needs.Setting up programs in order to eradicate this negative factors affecting their students in order to be able to save students from themselves and increase the performance of the students since the institution has been experiencing a shortage even in the admission of more students. This is due to the fact that the word about the performance of the institution has led many to advice against the admitting of their children to the institution.

The club president, Raymond Tong, recognized the stress levels affecting the members and he planned on strengthening the counseling department in the school by setting up adverts that encourage the students who are finding themselves in situations that exhibited stress to visit school’s psychologist in the Tang center, who offers them help and regularly monitor particular student who are concerned with their mental health. Phi Beta Lambda will ensure that it educates the students extensively on the subject of stress in order to inform them more about the causes and the effect of stress on their social life,academic life and most importantly their health. (Sinha 2008).

My community will establish rules to help provide club members with stress relieving activities. The club president will initiate a new rule which states that he will be responsible for posting information about stress relieving activity every week. These activities include hiking and going to yoga classes at RSF. In order to make this plan work and to maximize the attendance of students to this classes, I have talked to the club president where we discussed about cancelling a club meeting and bring those members in attendance to yoga classes. These classes will help the students take deep breaths and exercises that are reported remedies that help to relieve stress. (Cohen 1995). In order to make the program more appealing and successful, there will be a creation of note-cards which will be indicating the name of the members and the dates of the members have attended the yoga classes signed by the club president. The students will then be offered a 10 dollar Jamba Juice gift card as a reward after the attendance of 10 yoga classes. The funds necessary for the gifts cards will be deducted from the membership fees at the beginning of the semester. Also a yoga place near the school will be set up in order to help the community as a whole relieve stress.

The club president also requires participants to provide insight as to how these activities are beneficial for their health. The students are required to take part wholeheartedly in the programs for their own health benefit and bring about any issues that may be affecting them at a given time hence the school will be setting up research programs aimed at identifying the issues that are maybe affecting the students and leading to stressful situations. This will be conducted once in every three years in order to eradicate this vices affecting the students in the community. The community at large will also be holding support groups that will be aimed at helping those affected and helping them overcome the condition (Cohen 1995)

Program results, evaluation, and recommendation.

One of the biggest health issues I have noticed in my community is stress. This has led to reduced performances in the institution since most of the students are unable to attend classes and those who attend end up not concentrating in the classes.Hence this leads to more stress since the parents and the guardians are expecting better grades every time (Lazarus 2006)

The result of the program was set up successfully. Many of the members are willing to take part in the programs, and most of them are seeking the necessary help in order to prevent stress affecting their lives in general. This has made my community more integrated since it helped to develop even a better atmosphere and environment among the members. About 40% of the population of student is taking part in this program and as a result I have created a facebook fan page in which we can get feedback from the students on how the programs are assisting them and also where we can, monitor the numbers of students involved in the programs.I  faced a challenge in that most of the students were not willing to provide the information sourced out.This led to a small sample size.Thererfore the generation of more information and data if the program is implemented again will involve the inclusion of more people.This will help in gathering information from more students.This will help to provide more insigt into ways to overcome stress also after generating more results.I hence recommend that my community look more into the causes of the stress to the students and expand the program necessary for the eradication of this negative attribute that is affecting the students. My community should ensure adequate stress counselors are all supplied in the school community while the administration of the school should educate more on abstinence and protected sex in order to reduce the cases of unprotected sex due to the stress level of students experiencing in the campus. This will involve a program that will seek to be distributing condoms to members on a weekly basis as well as setting up community support groups that will help the students learn more about the situations affecting them by relating with other people in the community


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