“Dawned on you” by Nichelle Colvin

The piece of soul music by Nichelle Colvin is a western music that is easy listening with captivating choral rhythm full of a romantic theme. It has a beat that can be played in almost any quiet moments, when the mind is tired or when two people in love are just relaxing, the piece of music can be left to do the talking for them, and the atmosphere will be filled with love alone. The combination of the frequencies in the song gives it a sound and color that is soft, gentle, melodiously romantic, and warm. The sound of it just blows someone away into a new world.

Listening to the song heals all the depression that one might be having through what it does to the heart. It slows the heart and breathing rate and takes over all the feelings and directs them to a state of relaxation. It is the kind of music one would prefer while doing their morning runs as it relaxes the nerves and muscles feel the relieved pressure on them making one exercise without any fatigue.

The song has such an effect that it can drastically reduce the stress levels of someone by doing away with all the negative emotions, and instead lead one into the meditation of positive and soothing emotions. Therefore, one can be forgiven for saying that this song is a means of psychotherapy of some sort. In short, this song is capable of soothing, relaxing, calming, meditating, re-focusing, stirring one’s imagination, lifting someone’s mood, and above all making the listener happy. These features are specific to this kind of music and might not be found in any music.


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