Plastco Packaging Case Study

Plastco packaging, a medium sized plastic bag manufacturing company is having difficulties in satisfying its employees. Its job design is lacking im many aspects. The poor job design is leading to high turnover of junior staff and the inability to retain skilled workers due to low job satisfaction and unhappiness with their work and their compensation. High turnovers are an indication of dissatisfied employees and unhealthy or unsafe work condition. In addition, the poor job design is leading to excessive waste in raw materials that ultimately leads to time loss and inconsistency in product quality. Customers are complaining of their inconsistency and there is an added threat in the form of a new competitor who is cheaper and quite consistent. There are other secondary problems arising from this root problem of job dissatisfaction.

It is clear that there are various constraints that are hindering interpersonal relationship between coworkers and that organizational commitment is exceedingly low. There is also minimal accountability between workers who always blame others when confronted by their supervisors. This is a tendency that results to loss of profit, production inconsistency, low motivation and less teamwork. The supervisors and the management have to formulate a plan that will solve these problems in order to prevent future losses. One of the core solutions is redesigning the job structure.

In order to redesign the job structure there is a need for a thorough job analysis that will avail essential information before the making of any organizational decision. This analysis has to indicate the number of job in the organization and their nature determining the worthiness of each position and the appropriate class. Job analysis facilitates accurate selection and recruitment practices in an organization. It also sets standards for various performance appraisals allowing for proper classification of positions. It will also help in the establishment of an appropriate compensation system based on the different job values ensuring that the compensations are done in accordance to skill levels. This is a sure way of motivating employees.

The most significant solution should be based on restructuring Plastco’s compensation system through the incorporation of an appropriate reward system. Employees are always appreciative when employers make efforts to make their jobs challenging and motivational. This is deemed as a chance for an employee to prove their worth and also as an opportunity to develop and improve their skills. Plastco can incorporate a system such as pay-for-performance that will motivate desired employee behavior and in turn attract and retain achievement-oriented personnel. This kind of reward systems assist in the retaining of excellent performers while weeding out poor performers enhancing the organizations productivity, job satisfaction and productivity.

There is also a need for training of employees on how to foster a peaceful or harmonious work environment and imperativeness of teamwork. Through the specification of jobs and appropriate ranking it is possible that some worker may feel like they are better than others are. Therefore, there is an urgent need for employees to be trained on teamwork. Even though some job descriptions seem independent from others there is a need for teamwork across all levels in a bid to enhance the flow of work and encourage accountability. A reward system tends to people working solely if not well organized. There is need to incorporate a balance between independence and teamwork ensuring that every employee knows the organizational goals and is determined to work with others to achieve the goals.


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