Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of any business since through it; companies are able to build awareness about their products and services. However, effective marketing of any product entails offering something unique and different from the rest of the competitor’s products. The uniqueness of the product must add value to the customer. This paper will focus on POP, POD and value preposition of Aldens Focuss eyeglasses.

POP’s (point-of parity)

Point-of parity of Aldens Focuss eyeglasses is that the glasses are not only light but durable and one can take them whenever they are going. One can use the glasses to protect their eyes and hence perfect for outdoor use (Aldens, 2011). The glasses are used to boost productivity by combating eye strain issues.

The glasses also aid in managing those with medical conditions that can lead to fluctuation of vision among other conditions like diabetes, cataracts and Lasik eye surgery. The glasses can be customized on based on the needs of the customer. Those who prefer to read items that are near or far or even in between can adjust their lens to aid in their reading.

POD’s (point-of-difference)


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